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hands spread and smiling, knowing smile, captain jack sparrow
pirate_jack wrote in milliways_bar
The front door opens wide, and a pirate strolls through.

Captain Jack Sparrow has a wicked look about him tonight, and there's a bright and mischievous gleam in his eyes. He's flipping a worry-wood casually through the fingers of his left hand as he heads straight for the Bar.

By the time he gets there, a bottle of rum is waiting for him, and Jack grins.

"It's good to see you again, too, luv."

[OOC: Plot-tagged, yes, but not plot-locked!]

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"Absolutely, luv," he grins back, but then Jack grows utterly serious.

"All of you gather by the front door, as close together as you can get, savvy?"

Once everyone's arranged themselves, Jack moves into the middle of the small group and carefully pulls the astrolabe from an inner pocket.

He handles it almost reverently, and the light seems to dance over gleaming golden surface like flickering fire, causing the words around the edge to shine:

Tempus Frangit.

"Steady now," Jack says, a wicked gleam in his eye as he aligns it to the stars of his present day. "Steady--"

And with that, he turns the outer ring.


There's a bright chiming, high and clear and carrying like a bell, as the magic rushes out from the shining circle and washes over them.

And it is every single moment of his life rushing by his eyes all at the same time, with the sun and moon and tides rushing in and out

And everything whirling

But nothing like previous, dizzying experiences with magic.

This wraps them all up-

more like guidelines, really

With a way to slip through the cracks-

And it just may really, truely work. Wellard grins.

It was wild, and the wind swirling through and around them, the magic engulfing the group.

It blew through her, and Svava laughed quietly, one of her hands squeezing Archie's.


Many different sorts of winds, and different ways to ride them-

This was one of them, and they would all ride the magic well.

Archie takes a sharp, startled breath, and reaches for Svava's hand. If this doesn't work, wherever they end up, they'll be together. He won't allow it any other way.

(I alone...)

And the lights of a thousand stars dance past their field of vision, and he grips her hand tighter, eyes wide.

(And a bottle of rum)

Jack throws back his head, laughing wildly as the world spins and the power rushes through them all, and as he laughs the front door swings open.

(what a ship is)

"Devils and black sheep and really bad eggs," he says, still laughing.

(what the Pearl is)

Through the door he sound of the sea roars, and the scent of the salt-breeze pours into the room and swirls around them.

"To the Pearl!"

Still laughing, Captain Jack Sparrow leads the way.

(to freedom)

The others follow, and the door swings shut behind them.

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