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See it well, Old Eyes
thisfatefulhour wrote in milliways_bar
The bar is up one university student, lounging in an armchair by the fire with a book of poems.

He's glancing up and around every few minutes, apparently looking for someone.

[ooc: Not plot-locked, but ping before tagging, plz. :)]

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There's someone looking for him too, as it happens, over by the front door.

Charlie McGee stands there, scanning the room.

When he catches sight of her, he marks his place in the book and waves to her.

The wave catches her eye, and she heads in his direction.

"Charles, hi. I was hoping to run into you."

"So was I. Is that invitation still good?"

She smiles. "Yes -- I've okayed it with my colleagues, and we're good. Pretty much anytime during daylight hours."

He beams. "Great. When's good, then?"


She checks her watch.

"It's early afternoon back home, for me."

"Evening, for me -- I've got an hour or two before I should head back . . ."

Her smile widens.

"They do say there's no time like the present."

"They do."

He stretches, stands, and waves the book. "Let me just drop this with the Bar and I'll be ready to go."

He's off and back in a minute, blue eyes excited. "Lead on, madam."

Charlie grins at his oddly courtly phrasing, and sketches a little half-bow at him as she opens the door.

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