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[OOM: One does not simply walk into Leng. There is evil there which does not sleep...]

The Door bangs open. On the other side is darkness and a stench beyond Earthly belief, the rumbling sound of a collapsing stone tunnel, and something awful shrieking in tones no human being ought to hear. In fact, one of the stones comes bouncing into Milliways and rolls to a stop against one of the tables.

No, wait. That's not a stone at all. That would be one very tightly balled-up human in heavy fur garments designed to stave off sub-zero weather, rolling away from the chaos beyond the door with something small and grey, and something even smaller and shiny silver, in his grasp.

Ray looks up, blinking, and staaaaaaaaares. "Mumble?" he whispers, wide-eyed. "I think... I think we're back."

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"Thanks. Yeesh. This is Antarctic summer gear- well, okay, it's a little heavier than that, mostly because of the mountain weather- still."

It's really a very good parka, for its time. He'll be keeping it just in case of disaster. Besides, he's kind of proud of the Dyer Expedition patch sewn onto one of the shoulders.

Dominic eyes the parka dubiously. "This looks like something out of the Winter Archipelago. What were you doing?"

"Exploring the south polar continent," Ray says. "About a quarter of the party actually got to fly over the southernmost point of our planet. I wasn't one of them, but it was still pretty nasty where I was."

"Fly? Was it with magic or a... what d'you call it... an air-o-plane?"

"An aeroplane, yeah," says Ray, using the pronunciation the New Englanders he's been surrounded by were using. "These guys weren't magic users in the slightest. Pure science, all the way down. Although we wound up finding things that totally disrupted everything that the biology and geology of the time said about the way nature worked."

"They'll be revising those assumptions, I assume."

"Assuming they get back alive, yeah," says Ray. "Antarctica has a tendency to kill people even when there aren't forty-million-year-old alien plant-animal organisms from other worlds hibernating under the ice. The group I was in was lucky to have anyone ambulatory at all after the most recent storm."

Dominic cringes. "The things people go through in the name of knowledge..."

"I'd say I've heard of worse, but honestly, pre-1960's exploration of Antarctica was really some of the worst knowledge seeking conditions you could find in the purely natural world," Ray says. "It's not a congenial place."

"Well, enjoy the comforts of civilization while they last. I'm sure you'll run into some other weird thing before too long."

That doesn't come from Dominic's second sight. Just his sense of pattern recognition.

Ray smiles wryly. "Thanks," he says. "At this point I'll take what I can get."

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