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mmquitecontrary wrote in milliways_bar
A small blonde girl lugs a large stuffed suitcase into a bar and announces, very loudly and with triumph in her voice, "And I shall not go back until it is far too late for me to be sent to school!"

This is The Plan. The Plan cannot fail!

[OOC: Plotlocked. Sorry, guys!]

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Just off screen a small door opens out into the main bar area from a lesser used wall. One by one the Rogue Loompa Cleaning squad emerges through the door lugging suitcases of equal size and apparently equal weight to that of Mary's.

They're whistling the theme from The Great Escape as they do so.

Mary turns to look.

Her eyes widen - for more than one reason - and she clutches her own suitcase a little tighter.

She's seen the tiny orange men before, after all.

"You were in Puck's room!" she exclaims, perhaps unwisely calling attention to both the Loompas, and herself.

They freeze midstep and eye each other.
Just whose bright idea was it to whistle while they worked, anyway?

Four out of five Loompas agree that when push comes to shove, blame it on the one with the braids.

It's Braids that turns around to face Mary. He cringes and does his best who me?

"Yes," Mary says, undaunted. "There is nobody else so small and so orange; I should know you anywhere!"

She scowls at them over top of her suitcase. "What is it you are carrying about?"

Braid's eyes widen, and he looks to the Loompa in the dreadlocks for help.

Dreads rolls his eyes before taking a position in front of the long line of luggage.

He attempts to stare Mary down, while the Loompa in the glasses begins to growl.

Mary glares back at them, clearly refusing to be intimidated. It is not as if they can even claim the usual grown-up advantage of being taller than she is!

(Although there is something to be said for strength in numbers.)

Strength in numbers matched with smiles that go quite literally from ear to ear are usually all the Loompas need to intimidate.


She...doesn't appear to be budging, and....after a while Glasses' throat begins to dry from all the growling.

"Monkey Business.
It ain't your business.


"Are you working for Monkey?"

Mary met Monkey.

They didn't get along very well.

"We'd be better off dead
Than to deal with that dude.

And it's true, that guy is tricksy.

Glasses begins to eye Mary's suitcase. So much so that he's started very nonchalantly moving towards it...and her.

Mary hasn't noticed. She's too busy Bravely Standing Her Ground against the rest of the Loompa pack.

"That is the first sensible thing you have said." (Of course, it's only the second thing they've said at all, but Mary is ignoring this fact.) "He is not in the least trustworthy."

"Sad but true." replies Dreads.

Meanwhile in the background Spikes elbows Specs before subtly gesturing in Glasses' direction.

Glasses is very nearly next to Mary now.

"Well, then, if you are not working for him, what are you doing?"

She's still holding the suitcase, but she's loosened her grip, a little, as she gets caught up in the mystery of the little orange people.

"Dirty deeds
Done dirt cheap.

Says Glasses. His grin goes from ear to ear.
And not in the nice way that would make him even remotely redeeming.

Poor Mary. She's seen too much.

. . . Mary is not unnerved.

You can tell because her voice only gets louder, which is clearly a sign of stoic courage.

"What kind of dirty deeds?"

Oh now she really has to go.
Not only has she just wandered through the Great Export, but she's not even the least bit scared of her.

They've heard of children like this. The Evil Ones.
The Harbingers of Doom.
The Horsemen of ... Charlie.

All the Loompas, save Glasses, shudder. The times of Charlie were dark indeed. Glasses clamps a hand down on her wrist.

"Seen too much too young."

Mary jumps, only too late noticing the danger at her side, and tries to jerk her arm away.

"Let me go!" she says, shrilly. "I know how to hit!"

"Hit me with your best shot.
Fire away.

Glasses sneers.
Dreads snaps his fingers and the remaining three Loompas jump to action.
Specs runs towards the door, pulling down a panel to reveal a hidden musical lock. A few measures of Bit of Earth later and the door is prepped.

Spike slowly moves towards Glasses in an effort to help subdue Mary.

Dilemma! Hit the irritating orange thing in the face and drop her luggage, or hold onto her luggage for dear life and let the freaky orange thing go un-hit?

Mary solves this dilemma by kicking Glasses sharply in the shins, as hard as she can, struggling for all she's worth.

. . . this doesn't actually do much to solve her dilemma, as, in her twists and turns, she drops the suitcase anyways.


Bellows Glasses as Spikes comes within arms reach. Fighting his way through the pain Glasses firmly takes Mary by one arm, while Spikes grabs her by the other.

Specs opens the front door.

"You get the ankles and I'll get the wrists," Spikes tells Specs.
"It comes down to this," is all Specs replies before bounding over from the door.

At this moment, Archibald Craven happens to be descending the staircase from the Milliways rooms, his waistcoat rumpled and his tailcoat showing signs of hasty rearrangement.

Archibald is not an observant man, as a rule, and at the moment he is more than usually abstracted, but he does notice the bright orange creatures near the doorway, dragging a young girl --

Is that Mary?

He stops for a moment to adjust his bowtie (which has clearly been tied amateurishly, and not by Archibald's valet Pitcher) before hurrying over to help Mary. The pause is his undoing; he can't reach her in time.

Mary, meanwhile, is still shrieking at the top of her lungs, while flailing more uselessly than Gaius Baltar on a witness stand.

"Let go of me! If you throw me out I will find my way back and then you will be sorry!"

Specs, Glasses, and Spikes lift Mary over their head and make for the door while Dreads squares off against Archibald. His grin is malicious, and his teeth look sharp.

Braids, meanwhile, is confused by all the commotion and trips over the long line of suitcases knocking them over in the process.

"My suitcase!" Mary wails.

She would be reaching back for it if she had any free arms. As it is, she wiggles her foot in a frantic effort to kick Spike in the face.

Archibald isn't sure whether to help defend Mary or to scold her for screaming. He moves towards her uncertainly, too busy worrying about what to do with Mary to notice Dreads. The side of his body facing the Oompa Loompa is entirely undefended.

Dreads wastes no time, and leaps. He's not looking to do damage, just to confuse the interloper long enough for the others to remove The Harbinger from the Bar.

Something that would go a whole lot faster if Spikes wasn't now nursing a bloody nose.

And perhaps if Braids wasn't confused as to which suitcase in the whole mess of them was supposed to exit with the girl.

Encouraged, Mary tries to redouble her efforts - although, to be honest, months at school with little exercise mean that her stamina has gone somewhat downhill. She's already breathing hard.

That bloody nose may be her one hit in the battle.

Archibald is in mid-step when Dreads leaps at him; the impact knocks him to his knees.

Pushing himself awkwardly off the floor, Archibald says, to no one and everyone, "What on earth is going on here?"

The Loompas shift their grips as they close in on the door.


With a good ol' Heave Ho! They toss her through the open doorway.

Braids has given up trying to figure out which case belongs to which person, so he grabs the very first one he can free from the pile and bolts for the front door.

"I feel for you.
You better fuckin' go away,
" warns Dreads.

The last thing that can be heard from through the door where Mary has been tossed: a highly indignant shriek of, "That is not my suitcase!"

Mary's guardian is getting angry.

That is, he stands up straight (or as straight as he can, anyway) and speaks just a bit louder than usual. "Give Mary's suitcase back at once!" He'd point at the correct suitcase, if he had any idea which one it was. "What are you playing at, laying hands on my ward?"

Dimly Archibald begins to wonder why it is that Mary's suitcase is in Milliways at all.

With the child gone the remaining Loompas turn their attention on Archibald.

He's one witness too many.
They surround him, each grabbing a limb, and carry him towards the doorway as well.
A similar countdown commences and he too is tossed through the open doorway.

Once the man is clear Specs slams the door shut.

The Loompas again return to their suitcases, each picking up one and moving towards their door. They've attracted too much attention already, best to move back to the walls and try again when there are fewer children making loud proclamations.

One by one they disappear through the doorway, until only Braids is left. He's the one that spies the wolf patiently waiting by the closed door. He's the one that opens the door to let the wolf exit. He's also the one to throw his bag through the door, figuring it was the least he could do.

It won't be until much much later that the Loompas will realize just how much they lost this day.

The profits lost from the unicorn kidneys alone will hurt them for months to come.

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