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nothawkingbird wrote in milliways_bar
Kate's had a busy Christmas, but she does make a point to drop off some gifts with the bar for her friends.

For Teddy and Billy, there were some excellent cooking utensils and tools from Williams and Sonoma for the former, and some highly rare comic books for the latter.

For Tommy there was a large gift certificate for one of his favorite restaurants. (Make that two gift certificates).

Plus all three guys were getting some new video games as well.

Hercules was given a large admantium flagon, and we do mean LARGE.

Ben, she had a hard time deciding on what to get for him, especially after what he gave her. Whatever she ended up deciding on, she felt it couldn't come close to how special his gift to her was.

For Atton, there were some shiny model planes and spaceships, plus a package of brownies.

Guppy and his family were given theirs at the party.

Doc had a new leather duster waiting for him, also a lovely new stylized bow.

Mia was given a pink bathrobe with an cute cartoon octopus on the one side, and a sweet pea scented bath set. Draco was given some business books about management that she thought he could probably use.

Malcolm was given a glass set with decanter for his scotch.

For Teja, there was a beautiful Spanish steel sword.

Mallory was given some new fencing equipment, plus there were some vet supplies for her brother, and books for her other.

For Medusa there was a lovely pashmina shawl, and some metal coiled earrings in bronze.

Demeter was given a note that Kate had invested in some farms in several impoverished locations in her name.

She made sure to get thoughtful gifts for many of her friends (that the mun likely forgot the names of, but consider they got gifts too!)

Tiny tags: Charlie Monroe, Tommy Shepherd

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Charlie watches Kate from the other end of the bar, amused. The gift thing is popular around here, from what he's been watching the past few days. It's less frantic than New York, anyway.

As it is he's enjoying just watching other people.

She also likely dropped off something with the bar for Charlie. Something funny like a gag gift perhaps.

As Kate finished up, she glanced up and noticed him some tables back. So she headed over his way.

"Oh, didn't know you were in."

He laughed at the expression of Kate's. "You've been busy," he remarked, gesturing with his glass.

"Tis the season," she shrugged. "Been up to anything?"

"Maybe..." he smirked. "It's late, but Merry Christmas."

He's beginning to see the fun in dodging around innuendo.

She raised her eyebrows at him briefly but then smiled, "Happy holidays."

She can make of that what she likes. He's not telling.

"Thanks. Did you and Will get yours?"

"We did, uh thank you." Her cheeks were tinged with pink.

Charlie raises an eyebrow and smiles. "That interesting, huh?" He's always amused by the reaction to that particular thing, as it's been around so very long.

"And have you used it yet?" Now he's teasing her.

"Like I'd tell you?" Of course they have. They're young and in love, and can't get enough of each other.

"Well, why wouldn't you?" He grins.

"Because I usually don't say that much about it? Will and I are happy, and happy with the gift. Really happy. Good enough?"

Charlie merely raises an eyebrow, though it's nowhere near as playful as before. "Alright. I hope you enjoy it."

Tommy zips down to the bar to grab a drink--SUGARFREE ORANGE JUICE. EW, BAR--and stands sipping it slowly until he catches a glimpse of Kate.

"Hey! Thanks a bunch for the gift, Kate." The shirt he's wearing might cause a laugh or two.

"You're welcome, and thank you for the book."

She then laughed at his shirt, and gestured to it, "You mean you're still working on that?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, I'm not into physics like Teddy, but I haven't left orbit yet." He grins. "Glad you liked it."

"True, and of course, already looked at some of the passages."

"Awesome, awesome."


"Guess you haven't heard that Billy and I met our Mom yet, have you."

"..............No? She's here?"

"Yeah. In and out. But listen -- don't go around telling people, okay? She doesn't really want to be found still. And you probably wouldn't recognize her even if you had seen her. I mean. I didn't at first."



"Probably wouldn't recognize her..." Kate murmured, "Met somebody from our world, said she knows Clint. Didn't think much of superheroes. Wonder about that."

Kate then held up her hands, "Whoa, can I have the non speedy version of that last part? I think I got the nice part."

"....that? was probably her," Tommy admits. "Not that you'd recognize her again next time, probably. Um. Non-speedy, sorry. She's really sorry for everything, and she treats me like a mom should and Billy and I are like, kind of bonding a little now, and stuff like that."

Tommy doesn't really let people know too much about his personal life before the Young Avengers, and he'd rather keep it that way. Still, nice to have a mom.

"She's gonna keep us safe and stuff. Visit us here."

"Oh, that explains some of it. And good for you both, so uh she knows about both of you? And she was ok?"

"It's hard on her to be here with us, I think -- but she also pretty much doesn't want to leave us, because she misses us. And I dunno -- it feels right and wrong at the same time, but I've never really had a real-real family."

Kate reached over to place a hand on his shoulder.

"You also have one with us, you know that right?"

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