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younger old pain
wheatencrown wrote in milliways_bar
[OOM: Our past is always too close.]

Demeter is not terribly aware as she walks down the stairs from her room, she had slept so quickly after putting Momiji to bed and woken in such shock. She's not sure whether she wants to walk until she can't feel her feet and doesn't know the land under them or just sit.

In the end the fire draws her and she curls deep within her dark shawl, her hands are hidden so no one can see the marks deep in her palms. If you speak, she might hear you but her thoughts are far away on a dark day in Arcadia.

Tiny tags: Demeter, Doppelganger plot, Charles Monroe, the Pilot, Pan

(OOC: Warning for possibly triggery images related to rape in the OOM. Open to anyone, but the first person to post with an OOC note gets doppelgangered. Any queries should be directed here and here.)

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[ooc: Doppleganger. Yes, this has been cleared.]

"Are you alright?"

The voice does not come from any particular person, but there's one too many doors in the wall behind Demeter's position.

(OOC: Mun giggles a lot, I love this idea.)

The voice makes Demeter jump and without thinking she first speaks in an older version of Greek,

"Who's that?"

It's a language that SARAH can't immediately translate on her own.

"I am sorry if I startled you," SARAH continues in English until she can match up the vocal intonation of the woman to a dialect of Greek. Then, in much more modern Greek printout across the exterior panel to the right of SARAH's door:

I hope I did not scare you. My name is SARAH.

Fargo never thought to record a voice track for the house in Greek.

Its hearing the English that breaks Demeter from her thoughts and she stands up and runs her hand across the print out and remembers to use English,

"Oh, hello, Sarah. I.i'm..I will be fine."

"You do speak English. Excellent. I was concerned about my grammar; I did not want to embarrass myself."

SARAH's heavy metal door swings wide and lights illuminate down the concrete staircase.

"Where are you from precisely? I do not recognize the dialect you were speaking."

Demeter blinks at the door, she really has only paid attention to technology that helps the men of the land but walks towards it,

"You were fine, my dear. I simply forgot myself. Precisely is complicated, I know Hellas so well." When her bare feet hit SARAH's stair she blinks and looks around before continuing downward,

"What strange land you exist on, so full."

"It's concrete." As fine an explanation as any SARAH knows how to give.

The lights brighten at the bottom of the staircase when the door to the living room opens. Zoe and Sheriff Carter are not visibly at home, and the lights in the living room itself are varying shades of royal blue.

The lights are oddly restful and Demeter's hand moves from the wall of the staircase to the wall of the living room,

"Such young land yet full of so many strange things. I am Demeter though sometimes its forgotten."

Demeter is not good at allowing herself to hurt so she tries to hide her pain by trying to find out a few of the things hiding in Eureka's strange soil.

Demeter's hand reaches out to one of the wall panels immediately inside SARAH's interior door --

" -- Please hold still, Demeter."

The voice strives for calm, but since the lights just flickered from blue to pitch black, then back to blue and lighter again, it's hard to judge.

"I do not know what just happened."

She stills since its an easy enough thing to do,

"How strange. I know I'm a goddess but usually modern things just ignore me."

"Maybe you have never met a smart house before. All the same, I should probably run a diagnostic to find out what error has just occurred.

"I am sorry. I wanted to meet someone new today, but I think I will have to shut down active systems in order to complete the scan as quickly as possible before returning home. May I see you another time?"

"Oh of course. I hope you are well, Sarah."

This is very odd, Demeter would leave a blessing but this whole encounter is bizarre so she moves up Sarah's stairs and out to the Bar again.

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