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guppy_sandhu wrote in milliways_bar
Circle of chairs, check. Table full of food, check. Giant refrigerated box containing double chocolate chip, strawberry, banana, mint choc chip, dairy free and sprite safe ice cream tubs, check.

All of this is set up in one corner of the bar, under a big sign.


Free Ice Cream!

Does your pup have angst? Woe? Do they need company? Want to meet new people? Just want to steal the ice cream? Come one, come all!

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Ako doesn't look quite like her normal self today. It's the clothes.

"I could eat ice cream," she says, "Hello."

"Hi there." Guppy tactfully doesn't mention the clothes. "Help yourself to a tub."

"Thank-you Guppy-sensei," says Ako as she reaches for one of the chocolate ones, "I had the strangest dream and I think I sleep walked too."

"Heh, I've done that before now. But this place is definitely real."

"No, no. Sorry," Ako says, "Back home. I- we were in the bath just before they shut everything down for the generator maintenance and I woke up out on the grounds wearing this."

She gestures at the torn maid outfit.

"And I have no idea what happened."

"Do you, er, need more clothes? I'm sure the bar could provide some."

Ako breaks out in a full power blush as she actually looks at what she's wearing.

"Th-that, um, a robe. Maybe?"

Guppy goes to the bar and gets her one, passing it over as he gets back to the group.

"Here, so you don't break the nudity rule." He says.

He's rather worried about the fact that she doesn't remember getting like that. People shouldn't be putting kids into torn-up maid's outfits without their knowledge. Or indeed at all.

"Were you hurt at all? Is there a grown-up you can tell about this?"

It's not much of a nudity issue really, just, well, messy with a chance of panty shots. Genre conventions mostly. Same thing for involuntary costume changes most of the time.

"I'm a bit sore," says Ako, "I think I ended up falling. During the sleep walking. I was dreaming of a fight - between my teacher and one of my class mates after she'd turned into a grownup. They were flying and-. It was all very strange."


"You haven't been drinking or taking anything have you?"

"I, um, soda?"

Ako picks up on some of the worry that Guppy's experiencing. She's oblivious a lot of the time, but one has limits.

"Do you think I might have be dosed with something?"

That would be bad, but she can't think of when it would have happened.

"I don't know, but I think you should tell a responsible adult when you get home." Guppy says. "People shouldn't be doing stuff to you without asking."

Negi-sensei is younger than her, for all that he's a teacher. Takamichi-sensei then.

"Takamichi-sensei taught us before Negi-sensei came," says Ako, "I'll see him in the morning. It's, um, about midnight I think, at home. He'll be asleep."

Then apologetically, because large parts Mahora makes no sense unless you are there for it.

"Negi-sensei is younger than I am, but he's graduated school in Wales and now he teaches us English and homeroom."

"Your teacher is younger than you? Yeah, you should tell an adult. Do you have parents or a guardian at home?"

Negi is very mature most of the time, he's just not very old is all.

"Mahora is a boarding school," says Ako, "Everyone in the class looks out for each other together so things are usually good."

She makes a bit of a face. This is a situation that calls for more ice-cream. Thanks goodness that's already here.

"My parents are away a lot, but Takamichi-sensei will help if there's anything wrong."

"What about a school nurse? Why were you out in the middle of the night?"

"Well there is the nurse, yes," says Ako, "I- I'm not used to being the one who goes to see her. Usually I take the others, I'm the class assistant partly because I'm usually healthy."

Ako's not used to being a patient. There's the potential for blood too. Bad all around.

"We were cleaning up before we had a little party. When the generators are down everyone gets together and tells spooky stories with flashlights or candles. It's fun!"

"Can't look after the others so well if you don't look after yourself."

"I, no, I guess not."

Everyone in medicine, even tangentially, seems to make a bad patient. Ah well.

"First thing in the morning Guppy-sensei. I promise."

"Okay." Guppy says gently. This kid worries him, but there's nothing much he can do.

"This is a safe place to talk if you're worried about anything, okay?"

"Next time I hope it's something like homework," says Ako, "I'm not cut out for drama. I just want to be one of the people in the background who makes the world work. Not, you know, in the front of things."

"Well, we have this group so people can vent, talk about their problems. Sometimes everyone needs a little help."

Ako blinks.

"Oh it's soda night," she says in a tone of realization, "I mean, it's more formal here - with leaders and things, but it's soda night."

"I should have realized that."

"Soda night is, well everyone brings some and we all get together and talk."

About boys and music and what bands are good and sports teams and...

"There's a little bit of a contest to see who can bring the strangest flavors. I don't use ones from here that would be cheating."

And, you know, get caught.

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