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bringer_of_fun wrote in milliways_bar
Bobby is well aware that it's Valentine's day. He wasn't expecting to find the bar in his bedroom at Xavier's and believes it to be a good sign that he didn't get zapped into a cherub or something equally horrifying. He's the same Bobby as ever.

For the first few seconds, anyway.

On his way to the bar for a milkshake, he feels something smack the back of his head, but does not see the gold flash of light that illuminates it for a moment before fading. He looks around for the source of the pain...

[[ooc: Will be in and out, but slowtime is always love! Open until it scrolls for all of your dopey Iceman in love needs.]]

(Tiny tag: Valentine's Day plot)

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"Whoa," says a voice at the bar, somewhat alarmed. "Bobby, are you okay?"

[OOC: Is this idea horrible or horribly awesome?]

"Why? Did you see what...hit...Hi Rachel."

His expression may be slightly slack for a moment before his eyes sharpen and he takes a good look at her.. His heart has suddenly picked up in rhythm as though he'd had a good scare, but there wasn't anything to be afraid of.

"You look amazing, today."

[[ooc: Awesible?]]

"Well, your head just started glowing," Rachel points out, frowning as she scans the bar. "But I didn't see what-"

His second comment gets Bobby a glare for his trouble. "You just got hit in the head, Bobby. Priorities."

"It feels fine, now. Maybe my head got cracked open a little and some of the awesome started to leak out. You should check to make sure it's okay.

*Insert winning smile here*

Eyebrow lift.

"You've got hands - check it yourself. And if anything's leaking out, you can use those same hands to mop it up."


"But...I can't see the back of my head! I've tried!"

He looks sad, and leaves his bar stool to go over to hers.

"Can't you just look to make sure I don't need stitches or something?"

Rachel sighs and leans back in her stool to leave room for him to take the one next to her. She'll even move her Coke aside so his elbows have room! She's so nice.

"Fine, come here. You've stopped glowing, at least."

He leans toward her, bending his head for her inspection. He is doing his best to exude manly charm while still being pathetic enough that she'll allow him to be close to her.

"It still stings, a bit."

"Not enough for stitches, or you'd be whining more," Rachel points out, going up on her toes to peer at his head as best she can. "No blood. You're fine."

She sits back in her barstool and scans the crowd again. "Whoever it was must have run off. No one's looking at you."

She knows him so well!

"But it still hurts! Don't you want to kiss it and make it feel better?"

He gives her his best puppydog look, which really is pretty spectacular as far a puppydog looks go.

And yet, all he gets is more lifted eyebrow.

And a shove to his shoulder.

"Yeah, you're definitely feeling just fine," Rachel notes dryly.


Now he's going to pout for 4.37 seconds. Then there is that smile again.

"You know what you need?"


Rachel's eyes narrow warningly.

"Think really, really hard before you tell me."

"What? I was just going to say flowers!"

He holds his hand over the bar, and creates several pretty blooms made of ice.

"Not as pretty as you, of course, but flowers are nice! Girls like flowers! Right?"

He looks so earnest and hopeful.

Well, that throws her off. Rachel just blinks between him and the flowers for a moment.

His retort was neither leering nor completely ridiculous.

Rachel is eyeing his forehead a bit. "How hard did you get hit exactly?"

"Not that hard, if it's not even bleeding. You don't like flowers? How about...kittens?"

He makes an obscenely cute cartoonish looking kitten out of ice, sitting next tot he ice flowers like a transparent prize in a carnival game.

Rachel wrinkles her nose at it, then eyes him again. "What are you doing, showing off?"

"I'm just trying to be nice."

He smiles dozily at her.

"Is there something else I should do to make you happy."

Rachel leans unconsciously away from him, looking at Bobby as if he were a slowly expanding fungus in the fridge.

"You could quit being weird. That's a start."

"I'm being weird?"

He seem perplexed by this. This is NOT the image he wants to convey here!

"I'm sorry. Why don't you let me buy you a shake to make up for weirding you out?"

"Still not helping."

She pulls her Coke closer. It could be seen as a protective gesture. Or as someone readying to throw the contents of the glass in someone else's face.

There's a part of her that's screaming that he's acting different, off, weird, and what that could mean... and another part telling her a Yeerk would be so much better at subtle than this.

"Are you trying to hit on me or something?"


He looks uncertain.

"Maybe? I just don't think I've ever noticed how pretty you are and smart and clever..."

Eyebrow goes uuuuuup.

"You never noticed how smart and clever I am.

"And you've just realized it.

"From this conversation?"


He leans on the bar, resting his chin on his hand.

"It just hit me all at once when I saw you here. I thought, Wow. She's amazing."

He may drift off for a moment, into a short daydream.

"...hit you all at once. Like, in the back of the head?"

She checked and he's not hurt. But there was that flash of gold, and he definitely jerked like he'd been hit.

And now he's staring at her dreamily and okay that needs to stop. "Hey," Rachel snaps - loudly. "Focus."

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