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with war there is blood
blue_ajah wrote in milliways_bar
[OOC: Immediately previous.]

A silver line of light forms by the door, and Moiraine steps through the portal. In the room behind her, a woman's body can be seen lying motionless on the floor.

The Aes Sedai is not moving with quite her usual grace. Part of her blue dress has been burned away, revealing a charred and blackened shoulder, and her lips are pressed tight together with pain.

The gateway behind her snaps shut, and Moiraine starts slowly across the room toward the Bar.

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Rand comes up behind Moiraine moments later, silently taking her arm and putting it around his neck, supporting her from the side that is not charred.

"Moiraine Sedai," he says non-chalantly. "You must not hurt yourself if you are to help fulfill what Min has forseen."

She does not quite jerk at the familiar voice, although she had not noticed his arrival.

"I shall endeavor to remember that, Rand," Moiraine answers, with the slightest hint of dryness in the serene tone.

It is only a little tight with pain, and she tilts her head back to look at him. "You are well, I may hope?"

Her dark-eyed gaze is oddly intent upon him.

"I am as well as may be hoped, given recent circumstances." He helps her over to a nearby stool as he talks.

"But we will talk of that shortly; your shoulder must be looked to."

"I would not disagree," she manages, with a wry twist to her forced-serene smile. "However, I am not able to attend to that detail myself, as you certainly know; surely you are not to tell me that you have learned Healing?"

A pause.

"It is not as serious as it might have been, Rand," she tells him gently. "It will be well enough, for the present."

As well as it may.

Rand nods, making sure that she is comfortably seated before sitting down next to her.

"I cannot Heal, no, but I'm sure there are many here who can."

He casts his gaze on the patrons milling about.

And halts dead when he sees the woman who had just entered, tugging fiercely on her braid.

"Nynaeve," he manages to whisper.

There is an instant stillness about her. "Light grant me strength," she murmurs, barely audible.

More clearly, then, and with perfect composure, Moiraine tells him,

"The Wheel weaves." A beat, and a wry look. "I presume she is not aware of ... certain matters?"

Shaking his head, Rand stands.

"Though we should probably acclimate her before she decides to do something drastic."

He helps Moiraine to her feet and the two make their way over to Nynaeve.

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