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I use antlers in all of my decorating, but ravens are black, white raven
theravenboy wrote in milliways_bar
Bran Davies is sitting at the bar, reviewing his biology notes.

If he didn't want to be disturbed, he'd be studying at home.

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*Eventually, a cup of tea is put down next to him.*

Bachgen, I think you have earned a rest.

"Diolch." Bran closes the book without argument and accepts the teacup. "Will you join me, then?"

If I may.

*sitting and smiling* This is for university, then? Or your other schooling?

"Both. They will not let me into university if I do not pass my exams now."

Bran glances over at the piano in the corner; no one is playing it. Odd. Bran is used to phantom music, but usually it is harps, or bells, instead of insistent second and third intervals on piano.

And it goes well?

*After a moment, she follows his glance, vaguely puzzled.*

"I think so--" The music is louder, now, and compelling, with a strange magic Bran does not recognize, not Light, not Dark, not even Wild. Bran feels his mouth opening, and then he is singing without meaning to, without even knowing the melody.

"Go go go go now
Is that what Merlion
Said then?

[ooc: Tune: Tori Amos, "Mother"]

*It comes as a surprise, and then . . .

As naturally as her fingers ever traveled over a harp, her voice takes over.*

Go go go now
Royal queen without a noble guard
Here here now don't cry
I raised my hand for the assignment

*She looks up at him, and then out at the past.*

Tucked those blankets 'round you,
So quiet, you were a good soldier
First my left foot then my right behind the other
Heavy gown soaked in the cold

Bran listens. Whatever she is singing, it is true. It must be true, as it is true that he wants very much to know the answers to the questions he finds himself singing in his clear, trained tenor.

"Mother, what happened then?
Did father leave the light on?

*It seems she barely hears him.*

Stone cottage deep in the mountains, ice and, ice and storm . . .

"House just off Cadfan's Way--" He can see it in his mind, now.

Yes, Owen left the light on--

*She brings herself back, briefly.* Just in, just in case someone was lost there

*quiet* He never asked where I came from

There are still more questions. Bran's asked them before, but the song pushes him to find new answers.

"You left castle and court
You left -- but for whose safety?
Mine or yours or his, ours?

You were my precious one always
Life away for you
Away from all of the dangers
So I hoped

*a touch of bitterness* So Merlion promised me
I traded my joy for yours

Bran wants to stop and let Guinevere be. Surely she has said enough. Surely she has hurt enough, on his behalf. The phantom piano will not release them yet.

"I know you had to leave;
What made you go so early?
Was it, was it the hands of the redhead?

He almost claps his hands over his mouth, but it will do no good now.

"Heard that, dreamed that tale."

*She stiffens, and crosses herself, trying to stop herself singing.

But the music still has her, and she shakes her head.*

For Owen's sake, for yours
I would have stayed -- no matter
But no, but no, for Merlion returned me
Took me back to where I'd come from

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