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blue_ajah wrote in milliways_bar
Eventually, she completes her letter-writing, and carries them to the bar. One general note is left, of which a copy is to be given to anyone who might have reason to express interest, informing them that she has departed, for a time. In addition, a few more specific missives are handed over:


I had hoped that we might be able to speak before it became necessary to write this, but I have delayed as long as I dare.

I have returned to the world that we share, for a time, to pursue that work of which you are already aware. I shall come back to Milliways when I can, although I do not as yet know precisely when that may be.

Light illumine and protect you.



I had the opportunity to speak with Merriman, as it happens, and so you may already be aware of this, but I leave you this letter in the event that you are not.

I have returned again to my world, for a time, and do not know when I shall return.

I wish you well.

Light illumine and protect you.


Captain Reynolds--

Circumstances necessitate that I depart Milliways for an unspecified length of time.

In my absence, watch over River, as well as you may.

I believe, however, that you would do so anyway.

Light illumine and protect you and yours.

--Moiraine Sedai.


It is time, and I go to do what must be done.

May Light illumine and protect you.



I must depart again to my world, for a time.

The necklace remains safe in your keeping, I am certain, until I return again. What I told you when I gave it to you still remains true, I believe.

Light illumine and protect you.



As we have already discussed, there is need for me to return to my world for a time, and upon receiving this letter you may be aware that I have now done so.

In my absence, I expect you to continue your studies. Nynaeve Sedai may be of assistance to you in this, until I return.

Light illumine and protect you, child.

--Moiraine Sedai.

No letter is left for Dream; then again, none is needed, as he knows what it is that she would write.

Once everything is finished, Moiraine crosses to the front door. She takes a single, steadying breath as light blossoms around her-- then opens it, and crosses through into a deserted corridor, her appearance shifting as she does into that of an older, gray-haired woman clad in a servant's green dress.

The door shuts quietly behind her.

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When the letter from Moiraine to Dale Cooper disappears into the bar, a series of objects appears in its place. Four objects, in a line, progressing from right to left.

(He left very careful instructions with Bar.)

The first object is a fork. It's silver. It catches the light.

The second object is a plate, and on this plate is a piece of cherry pie -- deep-dish, sides isoceles, crust thick and perfectly flaky.

The third object is small, meticulously crafted -- no larger than an acorn -- and constructed of gold foil. A tiny crane.

The fourth object is a note written on an index card. The ink is black. The script is neat -- Palmer method.

I wish you the best of luck in all the worlds.

See you soon.

Dale Cooper

She is very still, looking at these things for several long moments, before reaching out to delicately brush a finger over a gold foil wing.

Moiraine murmurs a soft request to Bar, and the fork and pie disappear, along with the note. In their place, however, is left a small wooden ring-box.

She opens it, and carefully places the crane inside, then latches it shut and puts it deep in a hidden pocket of her skirt.

Mere moments later, she has passed through the doorway. The box, and its contents, are the only things not of her world that she takes with her as she goes.

Tom happens to receive one of the general notes the next time he's in the bar. He reads it with a frown.

He'd been pleased to host both Nynaeve and Moiraine for the time during which the bar was in peril. It was always good to have powerful guests under his figurative roof. Besides that, Moiraine is, if not quite a close friend, a respected and trusted ally.

"Take care of yourself, Moiraine," he murmurs, folding the note and placing it in his pocket. "May the Light illumine and protect you."

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