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md_donighal wrote in milliways_bar
In the evening, Michael comes down... and sees his door. "Glass of shiraz, please, dear?" Bar obliges, and delivers Moiraine's note while she's about it. He reads it as he sips. "Light illumine and protect you, Moiraine Sedai, in all the empty places where you must walk."

His departure is at hand, but for narrative purposes, he won't be leaving until at least one person has come to say eir goodbyes.

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Ray's been in and out of the Bar today. It's been busy back in New York today, what can we say?

"Oh, hey," he says as he comes up beside the other man. "How's it going?"

"Quite nicely, say thankya." He waves in the direction of the door. "Guess what I'm seeing this eveing that I haven't seen in nearly a month?"

Ray glances over at the wall. "This way to the egress?" he guesses.

"The fabulous egress indeed. I just hope I still have a job to go back to. At least I know Alec's still being patient with me; he emailed just the other day."

"Very cool," Ray says approvingly. Then: "Wait. You can get email here?"

Well, he managed to talk to Alec somehow, but I'd been handwaving on the mechanics.

"Bar will actually manifest an Internet terminal if you ask, and she charges rates comparable to a mid-range Internet cafe. At least, she did for me. Maybe she was just taking pity." He strokes the wood. "It's still something to thank her for, I'd say."

A snap of the fingers. "I knew I was forgetting something!" He whistles, and a moment later, what appears to be a red blanket comes bounding down from the rooms, somehow carrying two suitcases.

"Huh. Funky." Ray then turns and stares at the-

"Did I see that in a Warner Brothers cartoon?"

"No, but I can see why you'd say that. It's actually my costume; it just looks like only the cape because that's a convenient size and shape. It's made of a quantum-conductive polymer called 'eufiber' which one of my homeworld's novas... devised, and which can be understood as our equivalent of unstable molecules. Except that Dr. Richards' creations don't bond with their wearers quite as intimately as a Buendía original does. I actually summoned it with a passing thought; the whistling was by way of a warning to onlookers."

"Gotcha," Ray says. "Man, those are neat. If you manage to come back here and there's anything of it that gets shed or something like that, is there any chance I could have a sample of the shed bits? If not, totally okay. I'm just saying."

"I could easily leave you a sample right now, if you've a test tube handy."

"Bar?" Ray says. "Any chance I could get a test tube right now and add it to my tab?"

Bar obliges, providing the small glass tube. Michael's cape obligingly rises up over the held-up tube and... drips into it. A few small red droplets, which almost immediately turn translucent and colorless. "It'll grow back," Michael says softly.

As he picks up the suitcases, the cape drapes over his shoulders, turning into a long coat. "The leaves will be turning soon, so I thought I'd need this." He opens the door...

...onto what looks like a corporate campus. "Well, that's new."

Ray caps the tube and tucks it into a pocket. "Understandable," he says. "And thank you"

Then the door is opened, and Ray blinks. "Okay ," he says. "I don't think I've ever seen there before. But it kooks interesting."

"It's definitely not in Chambersburg." Then he notices some figures standing by that stone slab in the center of the courtyard. Figures in brightly colored tights, with capes a popular accessory. "But it could be interesting to find out where it is."

"Give it a shot," Ray says. "I'd go myself, but it's October and I'm gonna be needed back home."

"As you've said. Take care, Ray. I hope I somehow end up busier than you." So saying, he walks through the door.

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