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nita_callahan wrote in milliways_bar
Wonder of wonders, it's a Nita!

She's emerging from the Infirmary, actually, having stopped by there on arriving. Just in case, y'know.

But hey -- it's Sunday, the homework's done, and there's time for a cup of tea from the Bar.

[ooc: Semi-plotlocked. Ping before tagging, thanks!]

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And a small girl runs downstairs, with the clear intention of heading for the infirmary.

However, hedging her bets, she's also shouting.

"Doctor! There is someone hurt!"

Nita's head comes up, and she hurries over.

"I'm a healer. What's up?"

As the young woman approaches Mary Lennox, two figures seize the moment of distraction to slip past from the shadows at the bottom of the stairs.

Jack Sparrow is supporting Wellard, helping to steady him on his feet -- or is it the other way around? It's hard to be certain, and there's not long to tell, as the two of them stealthily make their way around a knot of people and out the lake door.

Mary stops in her tracks, head whipping around.

"Someone named Norryton is hurt," she tells her, "and I have to get you up there so you can fix him so then I can see what is wrong with Wellard."

This helpful information passed on, she starts to head back up the stairs, turning her head very so often to make sure that Nita is following.


She hurries after Mary.

When they reach room 97, she frowns. Something feels -- off, in a way that makes the Whisperer tense.

But more importantly, there's a man bleeding on the floor, hastily bandaged. She drops to her knees and starts unwrapping it to survey the damage.

To Mary -- "Can you find me something sharp, like a knife? I'll bet there's something in here."

"I have a knife," Mary says, immediately, and pulls it - safely tucked away in a box - out of a pocket of her pinafore.

"I do not know how to use it but I have it."

She passes it over to Nita, carefully.

"Perfect. Thanks."

The wound isn't too deep, but it's bleeding a lot, and there's a lump forming over the man's left temple. Nita takes a deep breath, slices her palm, and presses it gently to the man's wound.

A few minutes later, she sits back on her heels and lets out a long breath. The sympathetic pain in her torso and head is already fading.


Mary is torn between fascination - the girl cut herself and it made someone better - and impatience.

(Wellard could be dying out there for all she knows, after all.)

Rocking back on her heels: "Is he better now?"

The door leading out to the lake opens, and Merriman steps inside.

His clothing is somewhat better suited to the eighteenth century than the twentieth...but that is a function of his recent visit to the Black Pearl.

Judging by the look on his face, he is not overly pleased about something.

Nita's just heading for the door herself when it opens. She takes a step back, startled, and then blinks at Merriman.

"Dai'stiho, Professor. Everything okay?"

Merriman blinks, momentarily startled as well and more than a little distracted.

'Ah...dai'stiho, Miss Callahan,' he says. 'Truthfully, things could be better at the moment. But my apologies -- am I in your way?'

"I was just heading out to the lake to check on -- a little girl told me there's someone out there who could use a healer."

He had been about to hold the door open for her, but at her words he pauses -- and makes the connection to something that Mary said on the Pearl.

'To the ship on the lake? I have just come from there, actually.' His hand is still on the door, but he does not move aside. 'Did you recently heal another man? One who was rather severely injured?'

"Yeah." She runs a hand across her stomach. "Knife-wound, I think."

'Knife-wound,' he repeats, and suddenly looks rather tired. 'Did you happen to notice anything else about him, as you were healing him? Anything you noticed -- particularly anything magical in nature.'

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