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bprd_agent_red wrote in milliways_bar
The front door opens and in walks a very large, very red figure wearing a trench coat. In one hand he's got a very large gun and the other hand, well, a very large stone that actually happens to be his right hand.

He furrows his brow as he takes in his surroundings. A brow that's very craggy and has the sawed off ends of horns protruding from it. Behind him a tail sticks out of the back of his trench coat and sways.

"Huh." Tucking the gun away into a holster inside his coat he walks across the room towards the bar. His foot falls are heavy, coming from boots that are oddly shaped, made to fit over his cloven hooves.

He takes a seat at the bar and sets his stone fist down on its surface. Glancing around again he says aloud to no one in particular, "Okay, I give. Where am I?"

Hellboy, welcome to Milliways.

[note: this is a different Hellboy then who was here before. His canon is mostly movie based and he is under a different mun. thanks.]

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Ray- who has had one of those days, despite only having been awake for an hour and a half- looks up at the sound of the new arrival. "Milliways," he says, pushing his ecto goggles back a little further on his forehead. "End of the universe. Which mythology are you from, if you don't mind my asking?"

Hellboy turns on the stool and looks at the man. "Which mythology am I from? I don't know, what myth are you from?" He's missed the end of the universe bit.

"I'm not from any myths that I know of unless Foxtrot X-Ray's decided to branch out from just establishing a church in my name and started writing actual myths to go with it," Ray says with a shrug. "We get deities of various stripes here on a semi-regular basis, so I was acting under the assumption you were a representative of somebody's pantheon. My apologies for the mistake. My name's Ray Stantz; I'm a parapsychologist, an engineer and a Ghostbuster. Pleased to meet you, sir."

Hellboy stares at him blankly. He drops his face into his hand, the flesh one, and shakes his head. "Aww geez. One of us is crazy, and since this is clearly not an abandoned gas station in West Virginia its gotta be me."

"Actually, sir, considering the number of times I've had my sanity questioned it may not necessarily be you," Ray says. "This is the end of the Universe, though. The display window over there is generally considered one of the stronger means of proof of that statement around here."

Hellboy looks at him dubiously then turns towards the window. Hellboy is a paranormal investigator, he's seen a lot. From leprechauns to Gods of Chaos. But this, this is enough to make his jaw drop. "Aw crap."

"It's not as bad as it looks," Ray says. "Unless you got here by dying, you should be able to return to wherever and whenever it is you came from just by going back through the front door."

"Milliways, the Bar at the End of the Universe." Says the young woman...

"Yeah. Sure." He turns and looks at her. She's not running away screaming so either she's the most calm and collected civilian he's ever run into, or she's not what she seems. Then again, Halloween is pretty close.

"Or you might be in the middle of a delirium... a bad dream." She smiles. "I am Serena..."

"Hey, I don't have bad dreams. I'm Hellboy, an I give em." He says roughly then frowns, not the best line ever. "How'd I get here?"

"The Bar sits at the edge of the End of the Universe, in Time... and it seems invisible portals reach into most dimensions, and periods. Almost regularly, people find a portal, and step here."

"An there was a portal inside a crapped out gas station on a bare stretch of highway in West Virginia?" He snorts. "Please. Look lady, just get it over with. Whatever spell or enchantment or voodoo your trying to pull just do it an let's get on to the part where I kick your butt, find the Mothman an kick his butt, then go home huh?"

"You want to kick my butt?" She raises a brow. "Please... my gateway was inside a ruined castle in Central Bohemia, in 1141..."

"It's what I do." He answers matter of factly. "I handle monsters, frogmen, Gods of Chaos, Enchantresses and the odd Siren. I'm guessin you're one of the latter?"

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