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Rand Shirt
flame_and_void wrote in milliways_bar
With a quick slash of light, a gateway opens in the corner of the bar. Rand walks quickly through, and it winks out of sight behind him, cutting off the sounds of fighting. He looks a bit worse for wear, hair sweat-plastered against his head, shirt torn and scorched here and there, small slashes on his pants where cuts show through. For all of it, he looks to be a ball of cold, sharply edged focus, whose gaze scathes whatever it comes across.

He is wrapped deeply in saidin, the glow bright about him. His fist is clenched about a power-wrought sword, dancing flame in a sharp edge.

Seeing that he's arrived where he wants, he opens his hand and the sword dissolves into ash. He looks about the bar, an urgent purpose in his movements.

"Has anyone seen Moiraine? I must speak with her."

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"There's too much chaos to tell right now. And Elaida supposedly still holds the is also too difficult to tell." Brushing that aside, he refocuses on why he's come.

"Moiraine, Min had another vision. She said that I must find you, or else all would end. You have to come back with me to Andor."

Min said that? Her visions have never been wrong, that I know.

*Whatever color remained in Moiraine's face is now gone, and she looks absolutely stricken.*

Light help us all, then. How can I, if I am still Bound?

*Her gaze flickers to the front door, then back to Rand.*

But I will try, however I may. You must know that. There must be a way.

*She sounds both desperate and absolutely determined.*

His eyes close, but as he stands behind Moiraine she will not see it. Nothing else betrays his wish that she not go.

"Rand!" Mat calls from the front door, as he tears through the room, ignoring his slight limp. "About time I found you. Where in the Light have you been?"

He stops at Rand's side, and nods quickly -- almost in afterthought -- to Moiraine, Dream, and Inigo, before turning back to Rand.

"I've been looking all over for you," he says breathlessly, stooping a but. "I thought you might be here. Elayne -- she needs you. Now. It's getting really bad, and you know she's not in the easiest condition right now. She's been frantic for you."

He casts an uneasy look at the others, then straightens and leans into Rand, speaking in a low voice. "They're surrounded, Rand. They can't hold out much longer, and there's no way they can escape with Elayne as she is."

If there's any indication of the turmoil of emotion swirling within Rand right now, the only outward appearance of it is a slight frown. Taking out a small coin, he channels weaves of air, spirit, and earth into it, and hands it to Moiraine.

"Channel a bit of spirit into will glow like a beacon in my mind so that I can find you when you arrive. It seems that events have grown more dire than I had suspected."

Ironically, it's a Tar Valon mark.

"Oh, for --" Mat rolls his eyes impatiently. "'Dire' isn't the half of it, Rand. Try 'dead' if we don't get there now. And if she's not the dead one, I bloody well will be for taking too long to bring your Light-forsaken carcass there. I've already wasted too much time racing around trying to look for you."

He bows swiftly to the rest of the assembled party. "Pardon the intrusion. Urgent matter back home."

Mat grabs Rand's arm in a vise grip and begins to drag him toward the door. "Don't bother trying to channel a bloody Doorway out. It'll just be a bloody sign you're there. I came from her side. The front door should take us right back there."

Mat yanks open the front door as the two reach it, and walks through, Rand in tow. Rand starts to turn toward Moiraine, but Mat keeps pulling through the doorway.

Before Rand has a chance to call out to her, they're gone.

*She stares after them for a long moment, then looks down at the coin lying in her hand. Determination is clearly visible on her face. Moiraine looks around at the assembled group, and her eyes settle on Dream's.*

You heard him; you know how bad things are now. I must try. I must make the effort. *Her gaze goes to the front door, then returns to his.* It is the only route I have not yet attempted, and I am called by my long duty to do so now.

*Will's eyes close briefly, and when he opens them his face is old and grave and understanding. He nods tightly, lips thinning, and then smiles a little, sadly.*

*quietly* Light illumine and protect you, Moiraine.

*Tom walks over, concerned, and addresses Dream quietly.*

Good evening, King Dream. Is anything amiss? I couldn't help notice Moiraine... seems less serene as is her wont.

He spreads his hands, helplessly almost, and gestures to the speakers.

*Tom listens to what the two men are telling Moiraine.*

*And Will is there, frowning slightly, his gaze flickering from one person to the next but returning most often to Moiraine and Rand.*

*Silently, Bran comes to stand by Will.*

*Will's attention is focused on Moiraine, and he is mostly an Old One right now, with calm acceptance of any price for the long duty. But he spares Bran a quick sober glance of greeting.*

Inigo gives the newcomers a confused-looking bow as he tries desperately to follow what's going on. His hand is, of course, on his sword.

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