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first entrance
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aerora wrote in milliways_bar
[oom: pre-milliways, in which there is a sort of memory-montage]

"Wait...not yet. I gotta look for Kairi....!"

Sora finds himself half-stumbling into the bar, Keyblade still in one hand, while his feet are spread apart as though battle-ready. It's brighter here, wherever he is, in strong contrast to the Realm of Darkness. So bright, in fact, that he immediately has to shield his eyes from the fluorescent bulbs in the highly illuminated room.


Slowly as his eyes adjust, he pulls his hand away to take in his surroundings, frowning upon realizing that he doesn't recognize a thing. There are people here, though. A lot of people. And some not-quite-people, but that isn't strange to him, since he's visited so many different worlds. He can't see Goofy or Donald anywhere; he'd hoped that they might have made it to wherever he is now. But, he is, for the most part, alone.

He looks around, confused.

"What is this place?"

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Roxas has been started to get a little more used to this place. He's got a room, he knows how to order things, he has a tab and he's settling in, however slowly. There are a still a lot of question he needs answered, about himself, about who he is and what he is and what he's not, but...he has time, he thinks. Lots of time.

And then, swiveling in a bored sort of way on a stool, he happens to glance towards the door, or where he's told the door is, just to see if it's there yet.

And all of a sudden he freezes.



This can't be happening. He can't be here. There's no way. Roxas has just started to feel a little bit normal again, a little bit more like himself. He wants to feel like he's master of his own heart, of his own destiny.

Sora, one way or another, seems to be the reason that nothing is in his control.

And now he's here.

So Roxas stares.

Sora takes another step forward, turning back to see that the door he'd come through is still there.

When he turns back around, however, he meets eyes with a familiar looking boy his own age, staring at him.

Sora frowns. He knows who he is, even though he doesn't...

And like before, the name pops out of his mouth.


He finds he's not surprised that he knows his name. He's spent plenty of time thinking about Sora, trying to figure out why he feels like he knows what he's thinking sometimes, in those dreams. It was more than just watching, more than just dreaming. It was like reliving things from a past life, from another time and place.

And yet, Sora is still a mystery to him. He doesn't know much about him, the things he wants to know.

Which would be everything.

And, to be more specific maybe, everything he knows about Roxas.


The tone is carefully neutral, and he notices, despite everything going through his mind, that their eyes are very similar. Blue as blue can get.

Sora, too, notices the similarities between them. It's almost...scary.

But scarier still, is the fact that Roxas--Who is Roxas, anyway? He can now wonder--knows his name.

He'd never met him before...he can't remember ever meeting him before. So, how...?

"How do you know my name?" he asks.

He could tell him about the dreams. He could say he knows a lot about him. About Riku and Kairi, about what he went through, even if it's just bits and pieces of a story he's managed to fit together. He could tell him about everything that's happened to him in the past week or so, all of it seemingly tied to one thing: Sora.

Instead, he just gives him the same sort of answer he's been given so often lately.

"We're connected, you and I."

Sora frowns at this. "Connected?" But he doesn't even know him. How could Roxas know so much about who Sora is?


He takes the time to think that over. Naminé, DiZ, Axel...different people, strangers, all having granted him strange information, pieces of the puzzle.

Except part of him was happy without the puzzle, but...nothing to be done about that now, it seems.

"I think...I'm a part of you." He pauses. "Half of you."

DiZ (or maybe it was Naminé?) said something like that to him...

His eyes widen at this.

"Half of me?" Sora repeats. How was it that Roxas knows more about him than he knows about himself?

Silence follows afterward as Sora hears Roxas' voice repeating that he was a part of him. Half of him.

" a joke, right?" How could he not have known about any of this? "How do you know all of this?"

It's a GIANT KEY. Wes goes :O!

Then puts on his best air of 'greeting the newbie' (fear, Sora. Fear) and approaches.

"Welcome to Milliways," brightly, "bar at the end of the universe. Hundreds of worlds represented, every rule of temporal physics broken, and your first drink's free."

He helpfully holds out a small chocolate-covered Oreo, too.

Sora looks at the chocolate-covered Oreo a little wearily, though his stomache says otherwise.

"Milliways?..." It's a place he hasn't heard of yet, but he's pretty used to the whole...hundred worlds thing, making this concept easier to accept.

But then...

"There aren't any Heartless here, are there?" he asks, eventually taking an Oreo and muttering his thanks. "Or Organization members?"

"Milliways," Wes repeats with a nod; he understands that the concept is a little hard to grasp at first.

... this doesn't necessarily make him more inclined to ease newbies in more gently, but hey, he understands.

"...uh. I don't know? I've never heard of anyone without a heart here, although there are quite a few dead people. Do they count? And I'm pretty sure there are people from all sorts of organisations, but I take it you mean one in particular..."

The fact that this man doesn't seem alarmed by his mentioning Organization XIII or the Heartless relieves him greatly. Maybe he's safe. But that doesn't mean his friends are...

Sora nods. "Yeah," he replies, eating his Oreo. "They're...guys in black cloaks."

Wes thinks for a moment.

"Well. There might be people here who wear black cloaks, but they're probably just Jedi."

He grins a little. "So what world are you from? Another version of Earth? Oh -- my name's Wes Janson, by the way. Human, alive, from a long time ago in a galaxy far away."

The Jedi statement gets an eyebrow-raise from Sora, as he does not know what a Jedi is. But they don't sound too bad.

"I'm Sora," he says, pointing to himself. "Originally from Destiny Islands, but I haven't been back there for years...Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Wes."

"And nice to meet you, too, Sora," with a sloppy salute. "Like I said, welcome to Milliways. It's a pretty astral place, even if you get stuck here -- can you see the door?" He waves towards it.

"Also, uh, there're three rules here, least, three official ones -- no violence, no business, an' no sex downstairs." He pulls a face as he adds, "Security'll arrest you for all three."


"Hopefully ... not at once...?"

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