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aerora wrote in milliways_bar
The time has come.

Sora's been staying in the bar for a while now, getting to know some of its patrons and generally having a good time. But his impatience has hit its' peak as of tonight. Fully rested and prepared to leave, the young boy finishes up his banana-milkshake and takes one last look around the bar. He doesn't intend on revisiting it, mostly because he doesn't think he'll ever see the place again, but also because he knows that his 'vacation' is over and its time to get back to reality.

However, as he glances around, he knows he's looking for one face in particular, one whom he's waiting for (a bit anxiously) because he's a friend who said he'd help him out. Sora doesn't expect him to appear because it isn't fair to ask him to put his life in danger for someone he doesn't even know (Kairi), but at the very least, he would have liked to tell him good-bye.

A moment later, Sora stands up. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handful of yellow cartoony looking coins then lays them on the bar's surface. "Thanks for all your hospitality," he tells Bar, then he turns towards his door.

All right. Time to go.
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Except then there's a boy, racing down the stairs, a schoolbag slung carelessly over his shoulder. He pushes through the crowd, shoving and running without a single 'excuse me'. Terrible manners, but he can't waste time with that now.

"Sora! Sora, wait up!"

Sora pauses, then turns around at the sound of someone calling his name.

He grins upon recognizing the very rushed boy. "Roxas," he greets, "I was afraid you weren't gonna make it."

He slides to a stop, one hand resting on his knee while he catches his breath. In between pants, he manages a smile and a few breathless words.

"What, you...think I...would miss help a...a friend?"

Sora continues to grin.

"Well, I'm glad to see you," he says, gratefully.

A nod, and then he stands up straighter, shifting the pack a little.

"You're leaving? To find Kairi?"

He nods, too.

"Yep. It's about time I went back to find her. I've been here long enough."

He pauses.

"You still can't see your door, right?" Not that it matters, since Sora's got a plan.

"No," Roxas says after a pointless moment of searching the wall. "Still can't see it."

He may, however, also have a plan.

"Yeah." Figured as much. "That's okay, though. I think I might have an idea," Sora says.

"So do I!"

They both came prepared!

"Tell me yours first."

Sora grins enthusiastically.

"Well, Bob told me that it's possible for someone to go through another person's door if they let them," he explains. "So if I open my door, I'm sure you could come through it with me."

He doesn't know (or ask) who this Bob fellow is. Presumably a bar patron.


He seems surprised.

"That was kinda my idea too. I've seen other people opening doors, just never been able to open it myself. So I thought...yeah. You think it'll work?"

Is it a surprise the two of them had the same idea?

"I think so," Sora says, with an affirmative nod. "Anyway, we won't know 'till we tried, right?"


He's determined, and it shows. He shifts the backpack again, it being stuffed with only the things he thought to ask Bar for some time ago. Basic little things like food, water, a sleeping bag. He doesn't know how it'll be, out there, but it's bound to be rough.

And, of course, he brought his Struggle bat. No Keyblade was available to him.

"All right," Sora says, leading Roxas to his door. He takes a deep breath, as he's not exactly sure what to expect either.



His mind is crowded with thoughts, with doubts, with things he's pushed way down out of fear, but he knows, he knows he's ready for this.

He's had enough of this place.

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