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runmakitarun wrote in milliways_bar
It's a crisp day outside, and last night deposited what is perhaps the absolutely perfect amount of snow for a snowball fight. The sun is bright and the snow sparkles pristinely.

Here and there enterprising people have constructed snow forts of various sizes, and there are piles of snowballs scattered across the snow itself.

The question, of course, is just how long this pristine landscape will remain pristine. Probably not long.

[ooc: Get your snowball fight on. Everyone is welcome to join in, please check out this backroom post for details.]

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Sora heard the commotion outside when he arrived into the bar, so asked Bar for a pair of warm mittens, and a thick enough winter coat.

He loves snowball fights -- in the winter as a kid, he can remember the snowball fights and forts he made with Riku and Kairi. Oh, what fun!

So there is a 15-year old boy, already starting to build a pile of snowballs as ammo, looking for any unsuspecting target.

Looking for unexpected targets? Too bad, because he's got a suspecting one right here.

Proved by a really large snowball already coming fast for Sora.

Riku can be found a few feet away, smirking.

D'oh! One right in the chest. Sora ducks down a little, peering out for the obvious attacker from behind his wall o'snowballs.

And he spots that smirk. He should've known Riku would be around!

It's okay, though. Sora's ready! He lets loose two snowballs, one in each hand, in Riku's direction.

One hits, and one misses - Riku dodges, but not quite in time.

"You're throwing kinda wussy today, Sora!" Riku informs him, and starts preparing what looks like to be a huge snowball.


He'll show Riku wussy. Sora's a snowball-machine! With quick speed and stealth, Sora starts whipping several of his pre-made snowballs in Riku's direction -- quickly, while Riku's distractedly occupied with his snowball!

It occurs to him that his own stock is running low. Crap!

Yep. Riku doesn't really mind getting hit by a few. He has his own plan in mind.

Hefting up the mega snowball (think the size of five all packed tightly together), he starts marching in Sora's direction. He hums a tune that sounds sort of death marchy.


Okay, that? Is scary.

And Sora has no fort. He has no fort. His snowball pile used to be his fort, but now he's defenseless!

"Riku, don't do it!" Sora yells out, looking for something around him that might help get him out of this situation.

Maybe he can trip him! Yes. Brilliant. Sora sticks out his foot as Riku comes a-walkin'.

Riku stops in his stride.

"You've gotta try better than that," he says, and smiles.

He might find one, but it's not Roxas; a snowball smacks Sora on the side of the head, and ANOTHER 15-year old boy is the obvious culprit, also sporting winter clothing, packing a snowball together with a grin.

"Hey Sora. Nice weather, huh?"

And he lets fly a second snowball.


Sora totally ducks that second one, hearing it crash somewhere behind him. His hair is rather covered in Roxas' previous snowball, though, and he spends a moment to brush snow from his head.

He laughs, seeing Roxas nearby. "Yeah," he says, grabbing one of his ready-made snowballs and hurling it in his direction. "Great weather!"

He dives to the side, landing in the snow but managing to avoid Sora's attack. He scrambles to his feet and scoops up a double handful of snow as well, keeping his eyes on the other boy.

"So it's a fight you want, huh?"

He's trying to look serious. It's not easy.

Sora grins -- and it is a grin of mischief.

He's ready for anything! He's got a whole load of snowballs prepared for such a purpose.

And here they come! Sora throws another one at Roxas.

He brings his arms up, for all the good it does him. He's still hit by the snowball, and, laughing, he hurls his own back at Sora.

He'll need to throw harder than that!

Sora gets that next snowball in the shoulder as he moves to dodge it, only not quickly enough.

Ducking down behind his slowly diminishing wall of snowballs, Sora tries to decide an appropriate plan of action with well-thought out tactics!

Only, nothing is coming to mind. Oh, well.

More senseless throwing!

More senseless throwing indeed! Roxas has taken cover behind the now-abandoned fort of somebody else, and is packing snowballs and hurling them over at Sora as fast as he can, taking more than a few hits when he does.

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