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stars-- by icon_possession
tosharethesky wrote in milliways_bar
[OOM:A journey nears its end]

It's nighttime. Thick winter clouds cover most of the sky. Patrons wouldn't see much if they looked up.
A light that seems to be a shooting star at first glance, arced over the lake. The brightness resolves into a shape, gleaming metal and flame curling over engines. A ship, unlike those that people might have seen before, slowly descends to an area of level earth, close to the tree line where lakeside becomes forest.
It's running silent, as much as is possible. There are viewports visible along the hull and nose of the ship, but they're darkened.

Landing accomplished, Helva analyzed the scandata that'd come in through her sensors. The location's unknown despite similarities to Earthside geography. There were no M class planets in the sector she'd been flying. Either her navigation was severely off, or something else had happened. She tended to find the latter the higher probability.

Welcome to the End of The Universe, Helva.

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Earth's words, human prayer and faith...She thought she'd left them behind too. It's unexpected, but more comfort than she'd have thought.

"Amen," she echoes softly.
"Andare con Dio, il mio cuore."

She bows her head, silently wishing she could weep. Yet it isn't so bad.
After a long moment, she lifts her chin to meet Nita's and Wellard's eyes.
"Thank you. If you would...? I had rather be alone for a little. I promise not to do anything foolish," she adds, with a weary, crooked sort of smile.

"Its quite alright, Miss Helva." Said carefully, with a nod. He glances back down to Niall's body, then looks to Nita.

"Of course."

She glances at Wellard and nods towards the bar.

"I'll check on you when I can, Miss Helva."

A slight bow, and then he and Nita somberly take their leave.

She nods in acknowledgment of his words.
Then, there's silence.
Later, she'll have duties to perform. Later, a little, she'll get up and make herself move.
It won't be the first time she's seen to the final rites for her brawn. It's her duty, and in some ways easier done alone.
She won't bury him; fire, not earth... it's not Niall's tradition, nor hers.


((and WRAP!)) *grins* ((thanks to both of you for the thread! /squeeing over Wellard and Nita))

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