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hopeitsworthit wrote in milliways_bar
OOM: Sam meets up with an old acquaintance, and Dean would so tap that.

The door opens.

"Dude, someone up there really wants us to get drunk today."

Dean turns to look back over his shoulder at Sam, grinning.

"And I ain't objecting. You? I mean--unless you were plannin' on calling that Meg chick."

That leer is a pretty clear message about what Dean thinks Sam might be wanting with a hot girl.

It's--well, Dean would never last this long, definitely.

Maybe Sam shoulda been a monk.

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One brother, she knows. Well. Met, once, months ago. The other, well.

...don't mind the mild oogling.

It's been a while -- a long while, and it takes him a second, but eventually he places her.

"Hey, Dean."

Sam lifts his beer bottle, half-hiding his muttered words.

"There's a federal agent watching you."


Dean lifts his own bottle, taking a swig.

"Thought there was no business here, Sammy-boy."

He might be glancing around to see who might want to fry his ass today, though.

Just a little.

Certainly not the Mexican woman (currently with a bruised lower lip, but she's ignoring it). Frying isn't on the agenda. Actually, nothing much IS, really.

"Hey Sam," she calls out.

"Let's hope not. I don't know if we're from the same world, anyway."

He turns around, smiling.

"Hey, Beatriz. Long time."

"You know this clown?"

Dean jerks his head over at Sam, grinning at Beatriz.


Sam, you dog.

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"We've met before, then he vanished on me. Tragic." A quick grin to Sam, just joking

He shrugs, with a sheepish grin.

"Works out that way sometimes around here, so I've heard. Good to see you again, though."

Dean smacks Sam on the shoulder.


"Not just here. Though damn, but the beer is good."

(To Sam) "Same here." She gets up from her table and walks over, offering Dean her hand (bruises on the knuckles, someone's been fighting).

"If you haven't guessed, I'm Beatriz. Nice to meet you."

Sam plants an elbow in Dean's ribs, then looks back at Beatriz-- taking note of her bruised lip and bruised hand.

"Um. You okay?"

Dean winces, reaching out to shake the federal chick's hand.

"Dean. Good to meet you, too."

She shakes his hand, and then glances at Sam in mild confusion.

"Huh? Oh!" She rubs her jaw. "Yeah, I'm fine. I was just sparring with a kid before, and he was quicker then I though he'd be."


It's understanding.

"I know how that goes."

Dean's smile is a little wry, but he looks Ajedrez over assessingly.

"Yeah. Me, too."

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