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dragonofgrey wrote in milliways_bar
It was Day 2 of Draco's Muggle/Squib/Wandless life, and he still was upset about it. A little better than he was yesterday, but still trying to adjust. He looked over the Muggle studies book some more, currently puzzled on things like toasters and fans. Once again wondering how the Merlin they live without magic. And a microwave? So much fuss over heating food. Very odd.

Bar gave him a teapot and another plate of biscuits. He nibbled at times, clearly not that interested in food still.

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He's not alone any more.

After what had happened, well, it's not surprising really.

Not waiting to be invited to sit down he sits down.

Looking positively sick with worry.

Draco glanced back, and could tell by the look on his face.

"You're heard?"

"Yes. Will told me."

Broken wand. No magic.

Merlin's beard...

Draco just nodded. Once again, not wearing his usual wizard robes, just muggle-looking clothes.

"How much did he tell you?"

Draco must either feel as though he's unworthy of wizarding clothes or he's getting into character.

No remark though. They're the least of Rabastan's concerns.

"Told me that someone broke your wand, but not who or why, and that you were quite upset by it."

More of the former.

"I asked for Moon's help, but didn't expect this."

Cue much fish-gaping and staring.

"Moon did this? I thought— I mean— You're joking. Right?"

Ruin sliiiiiides onto the barstool beside Draco with a large grin on his face.

"So," he says, "I hear you're having performance anxiety."

He holds up his index finger straight and lets it slowly curl downward, demonstrating his meaning.

"They have a pill for that now."

*mun cracks up, giggling*

Draco's hand went to his pendant as he scathingly replied, "I haven't had a complaint yet, and you shouldn't be here."

"It's a free multiverse, I can go where I like."

He orders himself a shot of vodka.

"And it doesn't count as not having complaints when you don't take your dick out of their mouth long enough to say anything."

"Are you done?" Draco simply replied, glaring at him.

"You'll know when I'm done," Ruin says with a wink before downing his vodka. "Why? You in a hurry to read more about being mundane?"

"Will I? So far, I find myself wondering about your performance anxiety, based on your weak efforts so far," Draco bitingly replied.

"And it's only temporary. I refuse to live like this."

Ruin's eyes flash.

"I haven't exactly used much effort with you." His gaze briefly falls to the pendant. "And your fear of me is obvious, the way you clutch the pendant like that."

He smiles.

He likes fear.

"You'd be amazed what you're forced to live with, Draco. Very amazed."

Draco lowered his hand away again, and glared. Bury the fear. So good at burying other emotions, why not that as well?

He coldly sneered, "Oh? And I suppose you're going to enlighten me there?"

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