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bad_in_latin wrote in milliways_bar
Mal has a job now. Not a job in the precise 'activity for which one receives payment' definition, but an obligation nonetheless.

After telling Zoe what's up and walking back into the bar from Serenity visibly well-armed -- and Will's flintlock tucked into his belt -- Mal moves quickly to the bar to leave a note for Bernard.

Bernard --

I may miss my shift on Sunday. Your wife disappeared with Elizabeth Swann back to Elizabeth's world and I'm leaving with Will Turner in order to offer my assistance. Hope to be back soon.

-- Mal Reynolds

Will Turner's met him at the bar by this point, handing him a sword that's much heavier than ones he's used before. Somehow, this cheers him about the entire prospect.

"Ready?" Will asks, walking ahead of him toward the door to leave.

"Probably not. Never stopped me before."

The two pirates leave Milliways, the door barely making a sound behind them.


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