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Sunday Night Bartending!
this is the captain speaking
bad_in_latin wrote in milliways_bar
Apparently, Mal has competition.

The specials sign?

Football is boring. Come to Happy Hour! Drinks half-off.

That should do it.

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Does he tell? Would it make a difference?

Would it change things?

" somethin'. In my 'verse, my time. Against Gabriel Tam."

Raguel stares at him.

"Why would..."


"I saw Gabriel Tam a couple of weeks ago. He looked pretty bad, said it was, uh."

He trails off, frowning.

"He said it was what?"

Mal's not about to contradict him.

Even though he already has.

"He said it was demonic."

Raguel is looking paler by the second.

"I was away in a different 'verse," Mal explains -- partially that's why I don't have the details and that's why I can't explain everything.

"That's what I heard."

"I'm sorry," he says helplessly, but he's staring at a place just over Mal's shoulder.

He wouldn't even let me touch him.

"You're, uh." He gestures, blinking rapidly.

"The rest of you are okay?"


It's only now, at the question and concern apparent, that Mal matches Raguel's expression.

"I know it weren't you."

Raguel finally looks at him and seems to focus.

"I don't think that's how it works."

"It's how it works for me," and it's firm and strong as a response.

He seems to be trying to form a response of some kind, but it's too much to explain. And it's all too fast. His head is spinning. He clutches at the bar's edge to remind himself which way is down.

"Could I get a drink, please?"

It's almost inaudible.


It's a nondescript brown bottle with a nondescript beer.


He starts to reach for it automatically, but stable is not really what he's looking for.

"Whiskey, I think. Should've specified."

"Whiskey with a beer chaser, then."

Mal sets out two fingers in a tumbler.

"Try 'em both?"

Raguel's fingers are less than steady as he reaches for the tumbler and knocks it back. He looks around the bar like he's seeing it for the first time.


It's quiet.

Almost pathetic, really.

"Anythin' I can help with?"

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