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mend_and_defend wrote in milliways_bar
[Pre-Milliways: Ironhide arrives on Earth, and Bob finds what he's looking for.]

A Guardian bursts through the front door and stops just inside. He looks pale and hollow-eyed, like he hasn't been sleeping or eating properly lately, and he's looking around in absolute awe.

"I'm back," he says in a disbelieving whisper. Then a joyous shout: "I'm BACK!"

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The first startment is not a question, just hopeful near-disbelief.


The second is more a declaration as Bob's soon sporting the newest fashion look in temporal displacement victims. His fiance hugging him just a little too tight to be really comfortable.

And Bob is hugging her right back. 'Clinging' might be a better term for it.

"Oh my code, Dot--"

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"Bob, where did you go?" Dot holds his face in her hands and looks at him. He looks like he hasn't eaten or slept in seconds. "What happened after youd disappeared?"

"Later." He pushes her hands away from his face and clings to her even more tightly. "User, I thought I'd never see you again..."

"Me either...after Tyler told me about you...disappearing.."

The first thing to come to mind had been the worst possible thing to think of.

"I thought I had lost you."

There was a tall blond computer geek eyeing him at that, and currently typing some coding on a laptop. Encrypted, and with a privacy screen over the display.

"...Back from what?"


Hope you wanted an enthusiastic hug from a grinning Guardian, because you just got one.

Langly normally doesn't do hugs so there was a strange look from him.

But the alien robot head got his interest, "Wait, were you actually living inside of it? Are you sure it was a robot and not a ship?"

"Positive. It took me ten cycles to make contact with it, but..." He pulls back and finally gets a look at the person he's talking to. "I don't think we've met. Are you new here? That's awesome."

Everything's awesome, right now.

Langly slowly shook his head still staring, but some interest also at the comment about cycles. Like a measure of time, but interesting way to call it.

"Yeah, we just found this place last night. I'm Langly, who are you?"


There is an incoming 10-year old projectile coming at Bob's chest and make sure he's real.

He's also doing what Enzo would do, all things considered.

"Woah!" Bob staggers back under the weight of the boy in his arms. "Tyler! Ohmygoshit'sgoodtoseeyou--"

"Bob! Wherehaveyoubeen? whathappenedafterthestoneangeltookyou? I'mgladyou'realrightcuznowDotwon'tbesoscary-sad-angry anymore..."

Panicking at the speed of your average processor. Gotta love it.

"Woahwoahwoah, Tyler, slow down and take a breath, okay?"

Things have been getting increasingly weird for Tyler as of late.

Give him a nano.


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