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joiningyousoon wrote in milliways_bar
Maya doesn't know why she listened to the after-action recording, hours after the incident. It changes nothing. It accomplishes nothing, except to make Maya yet angrier. Several hundred soldiers and 'Gorkas are still dead, murdered by the cold, psychotic calculation of Skymarshall Volkov.

She knew, a week ago, that something like this was to come. That doesn't make tonight any easier.

A sorceress-major stalks the shore of the lake tonight, greatcoat and braid whipping behind her in the bitter wind. Her expression is black, her posture stiff and ramrod straight, and once, just once, as she comes to the end of her self-proscribed loop, she throws out a sudden, sharp hand. Flame explodes across the boulder, white-hot and furious -- and just as suddenly, it vanishes, and there is only a tall woman in a long coat endlessly pacing in the dark.


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