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A lot of things happened yesterday as far as Ray was concerned. He got back to New York, for one thing. He compiled a report for the Department of Defense and the State Department, for another. And then he flopped over on the rec room couch, intending to watch television for a while and not think about much, and in the process fell asleep and stayed that way for fourteen hours. Having a ghost around who thinks of you as the provider of jellybeans can be helpful in that regard- Slimer stood guard and ran off any of the other Ghostbusters who tried to wake Ray up.

He's feeling a lot better now, although still a little strung out from jet lag and reverberations of things that happened in the Arctic, so he and Francis the robot dog have come to Milliways for a little bit of downtime. Just for now. He'll be back in the swing of things soon, he's sure.

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A small blue robot waves at Ray and Francis from a booth in the far corner of the Bar.

Ray glances up and smiles. "Hi, Bob," he says. "How's it going?"

"WHURF," says Francis, whose vocabulary is a little limited.

"As well as can be expected, considering," says Bob, gesturing down at his still-robotic body. "How about you? What happened with the Elder God?"

"We won," Ray says, "for now. Two of the Milliways people prevented the ritual sacrifice that would've summoned Azathoth from happening, and we managed to rescue an entire nuclear submarine's crew and fight off a lot of things that were looking to destroy anything in their path. We're all right for now, but I have a nasty feeling it'll be happening again all too soon."

"Doesn't it always?" says Bob, shaking his head. "Well, if you need any help with the next crisis, you know where to find me."

Ray nods. "I'll remember," he promises. "Assuming you can make the trip at that point, of course."

"Well, the original point of this experiment was to try and get a sprite into a protoform body and back out again. So if Ratchet can figure out what went wrong, I should be able to just grab a spare body if I need it."

That's a pretty big 'if,' of course, but Bob's always been something of an optimist.

"You make it sound so easy," Ray says with a grin. "Well, good luck with it, regardless. Are you at least enjoying yourself in the meantime?"

"I'm trying to," Bob replies. "Dot's not exactly thrilled about it, but that was to be expected..."

"Seriously," Ray agrees. "Romana was kind of freaked when I got swapped into Ecto, so I understand how things can get."

"Honestly, it's getting boring," says Bob. "I can't go out without someone to play driver, I have to hide while I'm in the base because of the auditor... what the heck did you do all day when you were stuck in Ecto's body?"

"Research," Ray says with a shrug. "Electronic books. Internet reading- hey, have you made contact with Isaac yet? Optimus told me about him."

"No, I haven't," Bob admits. "I wasn't even thinking about it."

Plus, there's the fact that he still finds using computers to be vaguely creepy, regardless of what universe they happen to come from.

"Give it a shot. Isaac's probably lonely," Ray advises. "And you were really good with Ecto."

Bob blinks in surprise. "I was? Really?"

"Better than I could be, sure," Ray says. "Having someone who was more like her than me to talk to about her situation? That went a really long way."

"Thanks," says Bob, ducking his head sheepishly. He'd be blushing if his current physiology allowed for it.

"Speaking of talking to Ecto..."

"We're back in New York, if you wanted to visit," Ray says.

"Why not? It's not like I've got anything else scheduled."

Ray grins. "Okay, then," he says. "I came in through the front door; will that be a problem for you? I can go back out and come back into the garage, I think. Through the Firehouse door that Ecto uses, I mean."

"...huh. Which door did Optimus use when he went with you that one time?"

"Front door, I think," Ray says after some recollection. "He just had to walk through really fast. He wouldn't fit in the alley all that well otherwise."

"Well, I'm not even half his size, so I should be fine," says Bob. "Lead the way."

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