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latino_menace wrote in milliways_bar
Ramon is in a Mood. This will be immediately apparant by the way he is out back in the freezing cold, blasting hell out of targets with a machine gun or two.

Feel free to interrupt. Just stay out of the firing line.

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She bursts out laughing.

"Yeah, probably. Sounds like my kind of luck," she says.

"What about you? If you haven't been catching any Zs here, you're probably sleeping the sleep of the righteous and ridiculously powerful."

He snorts.

'I sleep just fine.'

Apart from all the wondering where the fuck Random is and the boredom and the listening to the clock tick and the general amnesia and the unending amounts of sexual frustration.

'Thinking about pulling out of Texorami. Don't know yet though.'

That gets her attention.

"How come?"

Ramon shrugs.

'It was always Random's place really. We were only there because he liked it and he's never there now.'

She can imagine how he feels about that.

'There's nothing really to do there now. I've got a guy to test out and if he's any good, I might just hand it all over to him.'

She does imagine, and she manages to keep herself from visibly wincing.

"You want me to throw any curve balls at the new guy, lemme know," she says.

"If you do hand it all over to him, you still gonna keep an eye on things, or...what then?"

He fiddles with the gun in his hands, then realises he's doing it and lets it hang down by his side.

'I don't think I'll go back. I'd just go but Random asked me to leave it in order if I went.'

He's still doing what Random wants, even when he hardly sees him.

"Suppose it's only right to tidy up before you go."

It's meant to be a joke, but it sounds more uncertain than she intended

Mostly she's thinking about Random and if he knows what the hell he's doing.

'Keeps business neat.'

He hasn't talked to anyone about this plan before and its proving harder than he thought. Leaving Texorami is leaving a place that's been very important to both of them - but he's not letting himself think about that. He's been convincing himself that its purely a business decision.

'And he asked me to so...'

Another shrug.

He hasn't seen Random in over a month.

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Neither has Mary Anne.

But she isn't the one married to him.

If Ramon were someone else, this'd be the part where she's hug him.

Or kiss him.

But it's Ramon, and that's not what they do.

"You wanna just...get the fuck out of here and go raise some hell?"

'Fuck yeah.'

And it's her so she'll probably be able to pick up the relief in his voice.

'Where'd you got in mind?'

When in doubt, violence. It solves most of their problems.

She grins.

"No fucking clue. You got any preferences, or should I just start guessing at places that seem good for a fight?"


He nearly doesn't add this bit but then does.

'Anywhere there isn't here.'

'...and somewhere we can drink afterwards.'

That last part was probably a given.

Mary Anne thinks for a moment, mostly about places Ruin's been doing business lately. It's usually a good indicator of where you can find a fight.

"How do you feel about Russia?"


He feels nothing about Russia either way but if there's violence to be had then that's how he feels.

'And the vodka will be good.'

Always a bonus.

"There's mob," she says, grinning.

Can't ever feel bad about beating up the mob.

"You good with that--" She gestures to the machine gun. "--or you want to grab anything else before we go?"

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