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stilljustandrew wrote in milliways_bar
[Out of Milliways: Not all of wisdom brings joy.]

*Out under the strange stars, a lone figure staggers along the lakeshore. His unsteadiness can be partly explained by half-empty bottle clutched loosely in one hand, but only partly; anyone close enough to see his face -- not that there is anybody, at the moment -- would be able to tell that misery must account for a large part of it.*

*The figure stumbles over a loose stone, curses blurrily under his breath, and raises the bottle for another swig.*

*It is probably a very, very good thing for him that the Master-Shark no longer swims these waters.*

*Lowering the bottle, Andrew raises his head and shouts at the top of his lungs.*


*There's no response.*

Show yourself, you omnipotent son of a bitch!

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That looks promising.

Sam keeps pace with him anyway as they head back to the bar -- just in case.

*It's a good thing, as it happens; the noise of the bar hits Andrew like a baseball bat to the back of the head, and he lurches a little, but Sam's hand is there to steady him.*

*The stairway to the upper rooms isn't far. He can make it the rest of the way alone.*

*Anyone passing the door to Andrew's room later will see a neatly hand-lettered sign, reading: PLEASE GO AWAY.*

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