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mend_and_defend wrote in milliways_bar
As a direct result of the mun squeeing over this, we have a Guardian in Milliways. Things are getting more hectic by the millisecond back home, so Bob's taking a breather out by the lake. He's lying on his back under a maple tree, watching the late-afternoon sunlight through the leaves overhead as they shift in the breeze.

Try not to trip over him.

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Bob, you will now be getting a zerbert on the neck for that.

"Well ofcourse! I'm just thankful Mairi won't be compiling up to the next trimester before the wedding."

Sooo much awkward there.

"No kidding. I don't even wanna think about having to change the dress or anything at this point."

"Don't I know it. I'm glad I wrote out my vows already."

"My vows...that I'm going to say during the ceremony." Bob, you are getting a look, which is rapidly evolving into a Look as Dot processes his reaction.

"You haven't written yours yet??"

Bob is squirming like a suspect under police interrogation. "Oh--oh, those! Oh, yeah, I've, um, I've got it started but they, uh, kinda need some polishing still..."

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"...Will I see a polished version by the end of the week?"

You know? before the rehersals start?

"The end of--" Bob looks panicked for a moment, then nods. "End of the week. Got it."

"Good." With that, Bob gets a kiss on the cheek before Dot gets up and walks away for yet another large meal.

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The moment she's out of sight, Bob sags and buries his face in his hands.

"I am so screwed."

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