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white tower, headtilt
blue_ajah wrote in milliways_bar
(From here.)

Moiraine glides downstairs, carrying a carefully-prepared bundle of letters.

There are letters for Ace, Andrew Wells, Anthy Himemiya, Behrooz Araz, Bran Davies, Coyote, Crowley, Dale Cooper, Death of the Endless, Desire of the Endless, Dream of the Endless (Morpheus), Gren, Gwion (in care of Merriman Lyon), Inigo Montoya, Jack Bauer, Kaylee Frye, Kim Bauer, Lan Mandragoran, Malcolm Reynolds, Meg Giry, Merriman Lyon, Nita Callahan, Nynaeve al'Meara ti Mandragoran, Perrin Aybara, Raguel, Rand al'Thor, Raven, River Tam, Shelley Winters, Spike Spiegel, Susannah Toren, Tom Riddle, Will Stanton, and Yuna.

A second, smaller bundle of letters is left for a number of others who have known her, as well.

Once they have been accepted by the bar, the Aes Sedai glances a single time around the room, and then moves swiftly to the door. A golden light shimmers into being around her as she places her hand on the latch.

"The Wheel weaves," Moiraine says, very softly, almost to herself. "All things are part of the Pattern. Let it be so."

The sudden flare of light as she pulls the door open is very nearly blinding, but in the next instant it is gone.

So is the Aes Sedai.


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