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gone_byebye wrote in milliways_bar
[OOM: And the battle is finally joined....]

The door opens.

"Oh, this is convenient," says Ray, closing the door carefully behind him as he steps through. He's in his work jumpsuit, of course, and pretty much slimed from head to foot. "Hey, can I get a couple of towels and a bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap, please? We've got considerably more ectoplasm at the moment than I can feasibly deal with on my own. Thanks..."

That being said, he makes some effort to detach the proton pack from his back without disturbing Jhalak too much. It'll be easier to get her clean if he can sit down first.

[tinytag: Jhalak (Long-Reach the Jotok), Annabelle Newfield]

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If Annabelle had been born about 60 years farther down the time stream, Ray would probably be getting glomped right now. Someone does not handle having to sit and worry about people well. As it is, she's just going to have a rather worried expression on her face. "What happened?" is immediately followed by "That stuff's not toxic or acidic, is it?"

When you deal with Mad Scientists, you learn to assume that unknown compounds are dangerous until proven otherwise.

"Wh- oh! Hi, Annabelle." Ray beams. "Great to see you again! This is just ectoplasm, standard hazard of the job- it'll dry up eventually. Um, what day is it?"

"December 10th, local time," Annabelle replies, cautiously. Maybe things are going just fine in Ray's world after all? Hahahaha.

"Oof. November fifth, here," Ray says. "We only just barely got out of Halloween alive."

"Does time normally skip like that for you? What happened on Halloween? Did that thing in the ocean wake up?" Annabelle doesn't normally fire off questions like this, but she's been rather worried.

"Not normally, no, but the Bar seems to have closed off access to my world for the month of October to protect itself," Ray says. "Great Cthulhu awoke, all right. And we got treated to the second known coming of Gozer, Sumerian god of the end of the world..."

"...damn." There are no words profane enough to convey the awfulness of that situation.

"Did you drive them off?" she asks, quietly.


Ray steeples his fingers carefully.

"Define 'drive off'."

Ray is getting the Raised Eyebrow of Doom(Tm). "Not roaming about in your dimension causing havoc...."

"Well," says Ray, "Cthulhu isn't manifest any more. Gozer... well, Gozer's not causing havoc, per se..."

The relief that Cthulhu is no longer about vanishes quickly with Ray's last statement.

"If he's not causing havoc, what is he doing? I doubt he's suddenly decided to take up Canasta."

"Ynnnnnnnhghgh okay this is going to take a while to explain," Ray says. "Let's start with this. Gozer can't manifest for long on the prime material plane without a physical form chosen for him by one of his potential victims. Whatever they think of at the moment of his manifesting, that's the shape he takes on- complete with size and power appropriate to the situation. It's happened several times before. With me so far?"

Annabelle nods, "Was that how you ended up with the marshmallow man?

"That would be how," Ray says. "I was trying to think of something as harmless and friendly as possible at the time, and, well, it kinda backfired on us."

"I'm not sure any form you could have come up with would have been harmless with that kind of entity wearing it. I take it something similar happened again?"

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