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dark tower, shadowed serene
blue_ajah wrote in milliways_bar
It has only been a few days in Twin Peaks since her arrival; long enough, however, for her to recover somewhat, and even to get used to the new clothing. Long enough, as well, for her to recall Cooper having mentioned the disparity in time between the town and Milliways-- which only makes her more likely to take the (admittedly small) risk when she opens the closet door and finds the bar on the other side.

She leaves it open for a moment, first, while she makes a call -- she had paid close attention to Cooper's instructions and practiced with the telephone once or twice, just to be certain -- but all in all, it is not very long before Moiraine steps carefully through the door into Milliways once more.

A short stop by the bar yields her not only a cup of tea, but also three paperback books with a letter, two notes, and a third note attached to a small package wrapped in blue paper.

The Aes Sedai blinks, then takes everything to a nearby table and settles there. As she busies herself with the notes, package, and books, she nevertheless keeps one eye on the room, watching for those who might make good company for the evening.

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Someone else is also busy with her books.

Pecking them.


Raven is a very considerate brother.


There is a warning tone to her voice as she tries to sweep the books away from his beak.

"-- I have only just received them. Perhaps you could leave them be for long enough that I might at least read them?"

He snorts.


Fortunately it's not a sound that comes out of a bird's beak.

He is considerate that way, too. Sometimes sanity is useful.

"Possibly if you are not so lucky, yes."

His teeth are very white when he grins.

The back door opens and in walks a cowboy, who checks by the bar to see if he has anything waiting for him. Then he glances to the front door (which is still not there) and then back to the bar.

One might gather that the man and the countertop are having a discussion. Obviously, the Bar wins, given the way the cowboy gives up after a few minutes.

At least she gives him a mug of something hot to make up for it?

Moiraine watches all this with interest, and then raises her hand in order to try to attract his attention.

When he turns to look at the bar at large, he spots Moiraine and this, at least, makes him smile and wander over with his cup of coffee.

"Evenin'," he greets her, with a polite nod of his head.

"A good evening to you, as well."

Smiling, she gestures to a seat across from her in clear invitation.

A small blue-papered package lies on the table, partially-rewrapped.

"How are matters with you, Doc?"

A short time later, the front door opens and in walks one of the note-writers, shrugging off her jacket.

Nita had planned to head straight for Bar and order something to drink, but a flash of blue clothing catches her gaze--

--and holds it.

Give her a second. Seeing someone back and in the flesh is . . . startling.

Perhaps it is the younger woman's focus that draws her attention, or perhaps it is something else; nevertheless, Moiraine turns, meeting Nita's gaze with her own.

A second later, she smiles.

And a second after that, Nita beams in return, and heads towards the Aes Sedai's table.

Once there, quietly: "You made it back."

"Against all my own expectation," she admits. "It is good to see you, Nita."


Wencit has not spent much time in Milliways recently, but this evening he felt the need for time to think, to get some distance from his lonely war.

He steps in through the back door and begins walking purposefully toward the bar, but pauses as his eyes move across Moiraine at her seat. Something about her causes him to shift direction, walking slowly toward her table, his head cocked curiously.

She tilts her head, studying him as he approaches.

"It has been some time, has it not?"

He inclines his head respectfully and smiles. "It has, my lady."

"I hope you will forgive my forwardness, but... you seem different."

"Perhaps so, at that," Moiraine allows.

She gestures gracefully to a seat in clear invitation, adding,

"How are matters with you?"

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