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long time, no see (two for the price of one)
untiedtheknots wrote in milliways_bar
Artemis is sprawled out in a booth, nursing a mug of cider. Her brow is slightly furrowed as she mulls over what to give for some seriously belated Christmas gifts. Suggestions?

Mary Anne Bell, meanwhile, is up at the bar with a glass of tequila and a pensive expression of her own. She lost more time staying with Ramon than she expected; she wonders what she might have missed. Anybody care to fill a girl in?

[ooc: the mun has gone to bed, but this post is open until the girl you wish to tag has another EP. go go gadget slowtime!]

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Ramon's sitting back from the bar in a booth and sees her as she orders her drink. He watches her for a while before getting up and wandering over, drink in hand.

'You look pissed,' he remarks, as he sits down next to her.

"Only a little," she replies, taking a sip of tequila.

"Just lost more time here than I thought."

She should have expected it, really. He told her it had only been a few weeks for him. She can't decide if she was just too used to her own door, where time ran faster than in the bar, or if she just thought she'd somehow be immune.

'That's a bad thing?'

Hadn't occured to him it might be a problem for her.

She shrugs.

"Just never happened to me before."

She's never been good with being jerked around by things more powerful than she is.


It sounds like the sort of thing he should say but then, he never asked her to go looking for him.

She shakes her head, grinning.

"Don't be."

She wouldn't have missed it for the world.

"You make any headway on the prep work?"

That's good. He was wondering whether she would have preferred to have stayed here in the end. That would have pissed him off.

'Some. I came down to see if Bar would give me some maps, actually. Just got sidetracked by some people.'

There's a brief pause, then he asks;

'What have you been doing since you got back?'

"Not much," she admits.

"Sleeping in, sorting equipment, trying to decide what I'll need."

She's thinking she might have to go on a run for some trip mines.

'Sniper rifle, for one.'


'I was thinking that you'll need to be flexible. At the point where I go back, I'm only on my way to meet the man. I can't give you any specifics on how many he'll have with him. It might be easier to take him out when the deal's going down but we might just have to leave it until the night.'

He fucking hates that.

Infrared scope gets added to her list.

"If I shoot him when the deal goes down, how will we know where the real virus is?"

'Yeah, I thought of that. It's one of the reasons why we might just have to wait and see - if he's there with just a few guys and in a car, then there are limited places he could hide it. We could just steal the car - but we'd have to search him and his men and we might not have time with all the Feds around.'

He lights a cigar and chews the end, thinking.

'Maybe the original idea would work best. Let him go, you take him out when he's away, I'll take care of Bauer. I'm just saying to keep your eyes open for any other opportunities that might make it easier.'

"Sure thing."

Another sip of tequila.

"We're gonna have to move fast, whatever the case, with all those feds around. Do you have a fixed door back to the bar there, or am I providing transportation?"

He snorts and it's a little bitter.

'I have no idea. I've only been back once since I was first brought here.'

Far too long. He needs to go home.

'So I guess you'll have to provide it. It'll be easier to come back here straight after, than to stay there. I'll need to figure out the best move to make next.'

Because the US government will be...eager to find him. To put it mildly.

Very mildly.

"No problem. Just wanted to be sure I know what I'm responsible for."


He's thinking for a long moment, then asks;

'Do you know Jack Bauer? Have you met him here?'

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