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mend_and_defend wrote in milliways_bar
There's a flying baby in Milliways.

Don't worry, she's wearing a harness attached to a leash, and the leash is attached to another harness her father is wearing. She's not getting more than a few yards away from Daddy.

Still, it's an interesting sight, isn't it?

[tiny levitating tag: Darryl 'Mother' Roskow]

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Without much more of a word, Mother hold out a soft package, wrapped in the sunday funnies.

"Mom had one of these for me when I was a carpet crawler, so I thought it might be nice for..."

Bob plucks his daughter out of midair and props her up in his lap as he sits back down. Only then does he start opening the package.

Inside is a floppy little booklet, made entirely from scraps of various textured fabrics, in a lot of primary colors and shapes. Embroidered in varigated rainbow floss on the white front-cover is the title 'Mairi's Book'.

"It's completely kid-safe, all cotton and silk, and safe for her to chew on when she starts teething." Mother is beaming proudly, from ear to ear. "It's not big or tech-y, but I thought it'd be a good toy for her that you can scan in."

Blink. Blink.

"Wow. Mother, this is--did you make this yourself?"

...For a moment there, Mother's face just takes on this look of having been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

...Bob probably doesn't know that guys aren't supposed to do that sort of thing.

"...Yeh. But...don't spread that around with the guys from the office. I've kind of got a reputation to maintain." Pause. "My mom taught me. The whole 'defying gender roles' thing."

"It's impressive." Bob holds the book up to his daughter. "Whaddaya think, Mairi?"

"Gblgh." Mairi gurgles and blows a spit bubble.

"...I think she likes it," says Bob. "Thanks, Mother."

"You're welcome... I just hope she enjoys it as she grows up." Mother grins again. "I'd better get my caffeinated beer and get back down to the garage. You two take care, alright?"

"You too," says Bob, grinning back. "Don't be a stranger."

"Gah ba eh!" adds Mairi.

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