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adult: watchman
sign_seeker wrote in milliways_bar
[OOM: Out of Milliways, and in a different part of Time: Weatherall Station gets a visitor.

Who turns out to have some unexpected relations hanging around.]

The door opens not on a room or a field or a spaceship's interior cabin, but on a black field of vacuum shot through with the terrible flowerbursts of dying stars. It's the view from the observation window, that same apocalyptic loop, but with two figures standing on nothing. One is a boy perhaps thirteen years old, his form slightly blurred as if by heat waves. The other is a middle-aged man, stocky and -- no, it's a young man, twenty or so, and his hand is on the doorknob as he beckons the younger boy forward.

All this in an instant, a brief slice of vision while the door's open, and then Jamie Hamilton is in Milliways, and Will Stanton is closing the door behind them both.

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"Pleasant to meet you," Bran adds.

Waving over another rat (Oonagh, this time), Bran speaks briefly in Welsh. The rat nods, skitters away and returns with a key and a set of directions.

"Are you coming along, Will bach?" Bran says, adjusting Owen Arthur in his arms and rising to his feet.

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