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zed repulsed - amused
bring_a_sponge wrote in milliways_bar
Don't look now, but Agent Zed is stomping into the bar after a long (they're never long enough) absence. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.

Crree-eeaakk [as he takes a seat at Bar].

"BOURBON!" he roars.

*bamph!* [there's the bourbon]

*bamph!* [there's something else]

Zed eyes the second object suspiciously.

"Bob Wonka's Guide to the Loompas? What kinda Milliways bullshit is this?"

[Say, that wasn't the sound of ominous, foreshadowing thunder on the horizon, was it?]

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Rem was standing at the bar watching people.

"hello," she said.

Zed looks up and eyes Rem, pondering whether she looks like a 'Bob Wonka' or not.

Probably not.

He doesn't have a name yet to go with whatever she is, but 'Bob' doesn't seem likely.

"So what's your story?" he growls.

He is, after all, in sort of a bad mood. Not that that's anything unusual.

"You seem tense," she said, "Why is your name Zed?"

Zed scowls. So she knows his name before he knows hers. And he thought his mood couldn't get any worse.

"What's yours?"

She cocked her head.


Huh. Well, that didn't help him much.

"'Zed' is a designation, not a name. Indicates my position in the bureau."

He does not, of course, explain which bureau he means. You really have to drag it out of these Men in Black sometimes.

"I cannot usually see designations," she said, "You have no other name?"

Rem was suddenly a little worried that her eyes might not be working correctly.

Zed squints.


That's his story, and good luck getting him to admit to another.

"I wonder how the rules of the Death Note would apply," she said.

Zed's still squinting.

"If you mean what I think you mean, it means Hell will be a snowball factory before you get your mitts on my true name."

"I donot kill humans here," said Rem, " I was just curious. Be careful of a boy named Light, even with your designation."

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