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latino_menace wrote in milliways_bar

He's avoided the bar while he's been recuperating from his little accident but he's restless today, and feeling better, and wants to check that Blanco is OK. So he's out at the stables for most of the afternoon, mostly doing not much of anything.

He'll be back in the bar for dinner and lots of alcohol later - catchable in either place.

[OOC: Warnings for graphic violence and potentially triggery threats of rape.]

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Urquhart laughs, wildly, madly. "Why should I do that, my dear Ramon," he splutters through all the blood running down his face.

He rams his knee into the small of Ramon's back, putting all his weight into it, and draws his dagger.

His eyes screw up as the pressure anywhere near his lower body becomes unbearable and the last threads of self start to fray under the overwhelming need to rip the throat out of this guy.

'...kill you.

He's tensing, letting that familiar squeeze of muscles take over, where it just keeps going and going and going until there's nothing left of the man anymore except the fury in the mind. He welcomes it, it hurts a hell of a lot less than this.

Urquhart cuts open the man's belt and trousers, then slams his face into the ground to stun him long enough to move.

He pushes Ramon's legs apart, hoping he's not quite unconscious and as afraid as he ought to be.

But instead of violating Ramon as he had threatened, he just rams his knee into Ramon's privates one more time for a debilitating blow.

Once more, he slams Ramon's face into the ground to knock him out, then he struggles to his feet, and limps away, slowly, barely able to use his left leg, and dripping blood on the grass as he returns, battered and torn, towards the bar itself.

He'd be afraid if he could think. But when he hears material tear, he freezes, disbelieving. For a long moment, he just waits because he can't get his head around the idea that Urquart might actually carry out his threat.

And then his bllod starts to throb and the asshole is moving his legs and no no no he's not having this; he's struggling again as his vision starts to cloud over in red and then there's all this pain and his head hits the ground again and he's snarling, shifting, desperate to kill, unable to control it and then...nothing. No thought process he can decipher, nothing but the all-encompassing need to strike.

Urquhart is walking away so he won't see him coming, might not even have heard him if he'd been able to stop himself snarling. He'll the weight of a two hundred pound cat hit him in the back though, he'll find out what it feels like to be pinned face-down on the grass and have claws slice through his skin.

But really, the feel of teeth around his head should be old news by now. He's becoming something of an old hand. Ramon might not have the light show and the panache but what he does have is a set of teeth that can crush a skull and, for the first time ever, he uses them.

He doesn't linger afterwards. The taste isn't particularly pleasant, even in this form and he needs to get inside before he changes back and shows off the injuries that are going to be a dead giveaway. So he bounds towards the bar and up the stairs, a flash of black dripping blood halfway across the floor.

There is a dead Scot, much deader than usual, on the ground somewhere between the stables and the bar.

Not doing anything.

Soon, the demon bunnies are hopping up, and starting to eat the carcass.

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