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Millitimed Exit Post
pick a fight with the sun why don't you?
sunbaked_baker wrote in milliways_bar
A few weeks ago, this happened:

Sunshine came down from her room. She'd made the bed, and left it as close to how she'd found it as possible. The key, she returned to Bar with her thanks, and settled her tab.

Then she had gone to the kitchen. The gift baskets of baked goods she'd left with Bar, also, so they'd stay fresh until their recipients got them. Each of them has a label to tell who they're for: Thirteen, Ben Wade, Ned, Axel, Teja, Demeter, Sirona, Urquhart, Mia, Bobby, Kate Barlow, Moiraine, Squall... too many to name.

She'd miss them all.

But she couldn't let that stop her.

The door opened to an apartment awash with the golden light of the setting sun, dozens of roses in red and white everywhere, in whatever containers would hold water. The scent of them was thick in the air.

Without letting herself pause to look back, Sunshine stepped through, closing the door behind her.


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