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OOM: "Descent," Parts I + II
ol_yellow_eyes wrote in milliways_bar
[OOM: "You'd be surprised, Data… Feelings do funny things. You may even learn to understand your evil brother. To forgive him.

"We will be more alike, Data… you and I, you'll see. I'm… I'm happy for you."

"I question your sincerity, Lore."

"Perhaps with this, you'll learn to be more trusting, Data."

[Spoilers for Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes 6x26 and 7x1, "Descent: Part I + II."]

[OOC: Apologies for length… 43 total pages in MS Word, for reference. This includes all threads.]
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[OOC: Oh Data. I don't know if I ever thought about what it was like to live all that.]

[OOC: Thank you so much for reading! *hug*]

(Finally got to read all of these. OMG SO GOOD. Poor Data. :(

Kudos, lady.)

[Thank you so much for reading! ♥ Glad you enjoyed them.]

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