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watch what I can do
lilium_evansiae wrote in milliways_bar
Wingardium Leviosa is a first year spell, one Lily's had down for years now, simple levitation.

Still, it's good to practice the basics sometimes.

Which is why there's a small brown teapot (empty, of course) hovering about five feet above a table tonight.

And below it, a redheaded witch with her wand out, watching it slowly spin in the air.

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Lily thinks for a moment, then says, "May I use one of your rolls?"

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Peeta reached out and plucked out off the top few on the pile and held it out to her. There's a surreptitious edge of course. It's all about learning more.

But it's more, too. It always is, isn't it?

"Thank you."

She takes the lid off the teapot, and then picks up her wand.

Aguamenti, first, to fill the teapot with water.

And then she hold the roll above it, and, face showing rather more concentration that she has needed yet this evening, she transfigures it into a small green fish that slips from her fingers and into water below.

Where it swims in the small circle that it can manage in the teapot.

It's amazing. It could be terribly dangerous -- not what she's doing, but what she could do.

It wouldn't be polite to ask what the worst thing she could do is (theses hexes and curses?) but there'd be no reason to believe entirely any answer a question might garner. They don't know each other.

And the fish-that-was-a-roll-he-made-with-his-hands is still swimming around and around in the teapot-that-was-flying-above-her-head originally, while wide blue eyes are watching her and it and processing all of this.

In spite of all of that, he's got an odd smile, "There is nothing like that in my world."

She smiles back at him.

"I use magic every day when I'm at school, it's part of who I am, but every so often, even now after years of knowing about it and studying it, I have a moment of just pure wonder at it all.

"Would you like to keep the fish?"

"I'd love to." Comes out without him realizing it, except on the moment he's saying it, as he's pushing out of his chair, new leg and movement all forgotten, for peering down into the tea pot.

"I mean," a little flustered, but suddenly brighter. "Thank you. Too."

Beat. "Shouldn't we name him, then, if he's staying?"

"You're very welcome," she says.

"And, yes, I definitely think he needs a name."

"It shouldn't have a District 4 name."
He was never naming anything after Finnick Odair.

"What kinds of names do fish get where you're from?"

"Let's see. Names inspired by the colors they are, sometimes. So something green, for this one.

"I named my cat after someone I found mentioned in my first Potions book.

"Her name's Hesper."

It's light, a laugh when he says, "I don't what that is at all," this time.

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"She was a witch who studied how the phase of the moon affected potion making.

"Hesper Starky.

"I just thought it was a pretty name, and it suits my cat."

He knows little about those things, but Prim has a cat, Buttercup, that he sees skulking about in Victor's Village now and then. He sees a lot of the Everdeen's lives.

Potentially a lot more than he wants to right now.
That happens when you live right next door to someone.

"What kind of green names are there?" He was peering down, again. "And do we need to know if it's a boy or girl, while making this choice? Just choose something that fits either?"

"I don't know how to tell a boy fish from a girl fish," Lily says. "I don't think most people do. Maybe you just pick the name you like best and then use the appropriate pronoun for the name.

"Green things ... well, all kinds of plants, obviously. Ferns and moss and so on. And green gems, like emerald and jade."

Lily looks down into the teapot at the little fish.

It's a little sudden, but he shakes his head, saying, "Not plants."

Not plants. Not -- it was too alive. Swimming little rippling circles.

"All right," Lily says.

"Well, I suppose we could pick something related to teapots or bread, in honor of its beginning."

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