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howarewefortime wrote in milliways_bar
In the beginning, it was a nice day.

This is a word which here means 'pleasing', 'agreeable', or 'delightful', so it may come as a surprise to you, dear reader, to hear the day described as such, given the situation in Milliways these past two weeks. But then, 'nice' is such a relative term, don't you agree? And certainly it would be difficult for things to get much worse.

So it is: the unnatural winter outside seems a touch less chilling today, and the blood-red sky perhaps a shade less bloody, reflecting pinkly off the glittering frost and the shallow snowbanks. The general atmosphere inside the bar is a little less oppressive - a mood helped, no doubt, by the fact that this morning, Bar got almost every coffee order right. Even the Observation Window seems to be creaking a tad less oppressively.

Maybe, just maybe, everything's going to work out okay.

[OOC: Millitimed to Thursday.]

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That front door, like the rest of the joint, is taking one helluva beating, because not long after the creature formerly known as Ben Grimm enters, the door crashes open again and spits out a red, trench coat clad figure.

Hellboy goes tumbling across the floor, crashing into a table that splinters under his weight.

That was a rather rude entrance, and Red mutters as he picks himself up off the floor. Straightening up, he takes in the state of the bar around him and knows that this isn't good.

Seeing Ben, and more pointedly, the creatures attached to Ben, Red knows that things are most Definitely Not. Good.

"Aww, crap."

Finally, someone to take me out, the shreds of Ben Grimm that remain think as Angrir turns and aims a kick at Hellboy's head.

Angrir isn't one to bother with quips and introductions it seems.

In truth Hellboy is expecting something; a 'Hey', or Jurassic roar, maybe starfishy bubbling? So when the guy skips right to the kicking, Red gets himself knocked for a loop.

He doesn't stay down long, though, and he's not very happy when he gets back up.

"What, no preliminaries?" He cracks his neck by rolling it along his shoulders. "Not really giving the people their moneys worth there, guy. What happened to touching Gloves?"

On 'gloves' Red bull rushes, his stone fist drawn back and ready to deliver a heavy blow.

It seems it's on.

The Thing sets himself to meet Hellboys charge and bellows a deep, tearing baritone of a challenge which is echoed by the twisting metal shrieks of the starfish things.

Well preliminaries are better late then never right?

Hellboy swings and the bar shudders.

He aims for the head, and puts the full weight of his rush behind the blow.

At this point Angrir has been unimpressed with what this era can throw against him, paltry little heroes who can barely lift a sword. He's impressed now as the blow lands, knocking him down and sending his head through the floor.

The hand farthest from Bar beckons and the hammer lodged in the mirror shifts and breaks free, flying straight toward Hellboy who happens to be between it and the hand that called it.

Red reaches down to pick Angrir up and hit him again, but gets blindsided instead by the hammer.

Red goes airborne, hitting the roof and snapping a rafter in half before coming down and slamming into the ground.

Picking himself up out of the dent in the floor he's made, Red glares at Angrir and his hammer.


Snagging a hunk of the splintered rafter beside him, Red charges again, swinging when he gets there.

By then Angrir has picked himself up and manages to block the rafter with a forearm. The hammer swings towards Red's ribs from down under.

The rafter in his left hand splinters, and Red uses his right hand to block the hammer.

The impact is still jarring, but he takes it and gives back. Snapping his head forward, Red counters with a horn stump headbutt.

Angrir's head snaps back and his nose starts to bleed a glowing ichor. He recovers and goes from a knee thrust to unpleasant places on Hellboy's anatomy.

A choked huff falls from Hellboy, and he doubles into a half-crouch.

"Dirty-- "

There's only so much he can do from this position, so Hellboy goes for one that'll punish.

Swinging his great stone fist, Hellboy throws a haymaker at Angrir's knee.

Angrir falls when his knee buckles and nearly breaks.

"Fool demon! Bow to fear!!!" He bellows in ancient Asgardian and then unleashes a blast of concussive force from the hammer at Hellboy.

Hellboy leaves his feet and goes flying backwards through several tables and into the wall.


It's an effort to pull himself free from the hole his body's made, but he does it and dusts himself off, making every effort to make it look like that didn't hurt. Which it did.

It isn't hard to figure out what needs to be done here. Step one: get the hammer away from Tons of Fun. Step two: kick his ass.

Red's plans are never very complex, and neither are his methods.

Like when blows don't work, he switches tactics to throwing something heavy.

The pool table standing nearby will work, and Red launches that at Angrir.

"Chew on this, Rocky."

Angrir answers Hellboy's challenge by smashing the pool table in two with the hammer, sending splinters everywhere. He misses the table Red threw while the pool table was flying however and gets a face full of wood.

Angrir isn't too pleased by this though he does enjoy the challenge. He stomps on the floor, causing a shock wave which sends several patrons flying and Hellboy to the ground. He reaches for a booth and lifts it to throw at Hellboy. Only problem is a flash of flame from the fireplace distracts him.

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