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12goingon113 wrote in milliways_bar
When the odd things started Aang didn't really give them much thought. Milliways was a weird place after all, and so the unexpected should really be expected. If one can truly expect the unexpected. But...as time wore on he became more and more unsettled about the changes to the bar and its environs. The more things began to happen, the less inclined he was to ask about them, and the more he began to believe in an idea that had settled into the back of his guilt-riddled mind: that this was all somehow his fault.

Before the storms hit Aang and Appa had been camping in the forest, but as the weather got increasingly more volatile they took up space in the barn. Appa, who was never very fond of enclosed spaces to begin with, would chafe at the close quarters and would insist upon being let out at least once a day to stretch his legs. And so once a day they would do a lap or two around the lake, fighting against ever increasing winds, and dodging lightning. 

Two days ago Aang was nearly unseated from his spot atop Appa's head due to the wind shears, and yesterday Appa nearly lost control. It was with some trepidation that they ventured out today at all, but by comparison the weather seemed far more mild.

They were wrong.

Which is why, should anyone look up into the burned-red sky, they'll see a small boy on a giant flying bison being pulled out of this world on a blast of cold air. 

Off on the distance, where the horizon meets the lake, there is a flash of brilliant blue light.