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(no subject)
young_tmriddle wrote in milliways_bar
Tom Riddle is not best pleased. This is... unacceptable.

He stands in front of the House of Arch painting. The dogs have stopped playing poker. The Alsatian watches the disintegration of the bar with a baleful look. The boxer howls periodically.

It may be time to break the portal to the House. There are currently no residents who would be trapped in the House. They haven't offered the House as a refuge for that reason, although Tom or Door could open to wherever necessary to return guests home.  He can easily make his way back to the Underside without the portal; he's done it before.

But if they lose Milliways, they lose the conduit to Haven, where Ingress is at school. They can go to her, but she and Megwyn will be cut off from them.

This is far more serious than he ever guessed things could get. After all this time, all these crises - is this truly the end?

"Well, lads," he says to the dogs, "it may be time for you lot to come with me."

The dogs whimper and whine in agreement.