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It's about letting go...
the wizard of the Jundland Wastes, Force ghost, Jedi spirit, the Force will be with you, the Living Force
last_master wrote in milliways_bar
[Millitimed to shortly before things went wahooni-shaped.]

The foreboding that started with the explosion has only been getting worse. He was one of those who lost their solidity when time, space and the other began to leak through the cracks in the Window, and he hasn't gotten it back.

Then a wound in the Force appeared in the sky, and he knew it was time.

He's sitting near the door, waiting for it to appear. He's flickering a lot.

[As noted here, Obi-Wan as we've known him will not be making the move. If you want to say goodbye, this is your chance. Open until March 7.]

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Obi-Wan remembers the young man who saw him and Master Protagonist working with training 'sabres. They discussed technique and talked about shared friends; Ray's name came up, as (he seems to recall) did Dr Donighal's.

"...oh. Hallo, Tyler."

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