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creator_raven wrote in milliways_bar
[OOM: On Tuesday, July 5, Raven is fixed by Ace, Coyote, and Adam, in that order, by virtue of Millitime.]

Raven comes downstairs, no longer moving so carefully.

He picks up a plate of cookies from the bar, as well as a peanut butter and marmite sandwich, and settles in a booth.

Stop by, if you like.

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Raven grins.

"I make patterns. I have not met many who can do such. Are these things common, in your world?"

"Do you?" Her composure remains serene, but the dark eyes are bright with curiosity and interest.

"I would not precisely say that they are common, but they are not unknown. I have myself witnessed changes in the Pattern, caused by those who are ta'veren."

Raven blinks, and his eyes are very bright.

"You can see the pattern? Can you work with it? I had not thought to find another such as I."

She tilts her head, studying him.

"I do not..." Oddly, Moiraine bites off her words there, very abruptly. After a moment, she tries again.

"I do not know how it is that you see the Pattern, and I do not know if I am aware of it in the same fashion that you are, but I have some... familiarity with studying patterns and the Pattern itself."

A beat. "But I am not ta'veren."

Raven tilts his head.

"Ta'veren sounds a hard thing, indeed. Useful, but difficult."

A pause.

"It is enough, some times, to see the pattern. There is much information to be gained from it, even if it is not workable, for you."

The Aes Sedai nods.

"I would not disagree. All things are part of the Pattern, in some form."

A serene smile curves her lips, although dark eyes are oddly haunted for a moment. "It is a valuable thing, to have such knowledge, many would say."

Raven nods.

"Painful, too, I have found. It is not always wisest to interfere."

His eyes are far away for a moment, and very dark.

She inclines her head very slightly, watching him.

"There is a price exacted, to change the Pattern." A beat. "Sometimes, that price is very high."

Raven's smile is slightly twisted.

"Often, I should think. Such things are very resistant to change. Stubborn, I would call them."

"Resistant to change." There is something a touch wry about her glance. "I would not disagree."

"But it is not impossible, either-- although I begin to suspect you may know more of it than I, at present."

Raven laughs, dryly.

"I have probably forgotten more than you and I both know now."

He shrugs.

Prices must be paid.

She nods to him.

"Perhaps so, then."

A pause, and there is a clear hint of amusement, nearly mischief, in her glance, although her serene tone does not change.

"The Wheel weaves."

Raven grins.

"It does."

A pause.

"It is fortunate, for some, that I do, as well."

She tilts her head, listening, evidently curious.

A slight motion of her hand indicates that he should continue, if he would.

"I help, as I can. Some find it less than pleasant."

He shrugs.

"I teach. Such things are often harsh. Choices, especially, are things some humans forget they have."

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