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white tower, headtilt
blue_ajah wrote in milliways_bar
Tomorrow will be here soon. The one day that remains is not very long at all.

And yet, she thinks, it may be long enough. All things are part of the Pattern.

Moiraine settles herself in the bar at her preferred table, with tea, and waits to see what the evening might bring.

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"I am not certain." She still appears thoughtful, and studies him carefully.

"In my world it is known that there are mirrors to the Wheel, you see. 'From place to place run the lines of If, between all the worlds that might be.' Every small thing may cause another change."

Spike tucks the cigarette between his lips so his hands are free and rubs his eyes. He didn't want to risk changing a damn thing that day, and he sure as hell still doesn't want to.

Then, opening his eyes, he looks hard at Moiraine. "That would have sucked. I might have lost Beth if I'd set foot through that door."

There's no fucking way. If he never gets to touch that door again it's all right, so long as he doesn't lose Beth.

"You might have," she agrees, almost placidly. "I am still intrigued by the fact that you were given sight of such a thing, however."

She might be intrigued, but he's almost... pissed off about it: he doesn't know if it was a gift or a warning or some weird combination of both. "Yeah. Why me? I'm just some bounty hunter. I don't... I don't know, I don't read the future or even think a hell of a lot about the past, none of that shit." He blows a pretty damn moody smoke ring up toward the ceiling.

"How come me?"

"The Wheel weaves." It is very nearly tranquil. "As well ask how you came to find this place to begin with."

"But I suspect that there may be more to you than you apparently wish to believe, Spike."

He raises his eyebrows, startled.

And then he laughs.

"I'm just a humble bounty hunter, ma'am." He pushes back the chair. "I don't even pretend to know what the fuck is going on most of the time. I just know shit happens, and what I'm good at is figuring out the setup and the odds."

He's good at a few more things than that, but he's also exactly what he says he is: a (sometimes) humble bounty hunter, and he's looking for answers so he can figure out the setup.

That's all.

Something flickers in the dark eyes, some bittersweet expression.

"As to that, you are not the first bounty hunter I have known to claim to more simplicity than ended up being the case."

"But we shall see, in time. The Wheel weaves."

"You know a lot of bounty hunters, Moiraine?" Again, he laughs, knowing she's absolutely right: he's never met a good bounty hunter who wasn't complex.

And who didn't claim otherwise.

Something drives every single bounty hunter he knows. Otherwise none of them would do it because it's a shit job: low success rate, low payoff, lousy odds, horrible working conditions.

And not just a little bit of thrill of the chase thrown in there.

"Yeah, I guess time will tell." Spike stands, nodding to her. "Thanks. I don't feel any better, but hell, that's not what I came to see you for."

And now she's got another mystery to ponder. Maybe it's been a mutually beneficial conversation after all.

"It will, I believe." Moiraine smiles serenely at him, and there is a hint of distant amusement as she adds, "It is not very common in my world that those who seek Aes Sedai are seeking comfort, as it happens; but hopefully you have found something of what you sought, in this case."

"Yeah." He turns to go, but looks back, his own look of amusement on his face. "I found out that some things are meant to be mysteries, and if they weren't, they'd be called something different."

With a grin and a scratch of his head, he sets off toward the door to the stairs. "Catch you later."

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