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comma_sticks wrote in milliways_bar
Shannon's never been one for the whole gorge-yourself-on-turkey deal, so forgive her lack of Thanksgiving dinner. Her sole concession to the holiday is the glass of festive red wine that's replacing her usual daiquiri.

[ooc: Mun is trying to catch-up on NaNo, so replies will probably be slow. Lo siento!]

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He comes over to her table, a scotch in his hand.

"This is weird, huh?"

"Since when have our lives been normal?"

"Well, bar aside, I meant not all being together for Thanksgiving."

He sits down across from her.

"What, like as a family?" She drags the last word out sardonically.

He shrugs uncomfortably. "Yeah."

"Yeah, I hated that. With your mom and everything."

He just shrugs again. "At least we have each other," he says lamely.

"How sweet. Are we having, like, a Hallmark moment?"

Sarcasm, obviously.

"Something tells me it's been a long while since you've had a Hallmark moment, Shannon." He gives her a playful look to go with his sarcastic tone.

She flicks her hair haughtily.

"So what's wrong with that?"

"You just seem like you try so hard to be unhappy."

"What, are you my shrink now or something?"

Which is not defensive, not at all. Or evasive or anything. Not in the least.

"I don't have the skills needed to be your therapist, Shannon."

"Exactly what are you implying?"

"I'm just saying after all this time I still don't know how to make you open up and be honest with me."

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