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A terrible re-entry
waugh! omgwtf
[OOM: Tyler is only nine, he can't really be trusted to watch his thoughts all the time. Especially around bathrooms.]

To say the ways people have been going to and from Milliways have been buggy for the past two weeks is like saying the killer ant swarm is just a tiny pest problem. Now there's all sorts of ways to ENTER through the back area of Milliways. The caves (rockslide), the Lake (ahahahano, boiling blood is not conductive to boating OR swimming) or the sky.

...most people usually enter that one under their own power. About forty feet up into the air above the back area, a little boy appears out of nowhere and immediately becomes transparent. Ofcourse he's screaming all the way down, he can't fly! However ten feet above the ground he disappears again...and five seconds later emerges falling and screaming from the first portal.

Seriously. Fucking Milliways. Or he'd be saying that once he gets his wind back to start swearing a blue streak.

[Open for the rest of the Allpocalypse folks! HIT ME]

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[ oom: up and down
bad and good
nobody's living like the way they should
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Generally, when Ako is down in the main bar she's having a meal, or chatting or by the fire. Maybe just meeting up with friends to go somewhere on an adventure.

Today she is camped out, pretty much literally, and waiting, hoping for a door back to Mahora. (Also her room door wouldn't open to let her back in when she went out this morning, so let's hear it for making a virtue of a necessity, yes?)

So, translucent girl with a bowl of snacks on the tab of an apparently benevolent diety who'd really like to see something just a little more like home.

[OOC: Last taggable EP before Ako's door goes both wibley and wobbly due to Allpocalypse effects. Slowtimes welcome, especially since I'm posting this and running away for a while.]

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[oom: Upstairs, millitimed to both today and the date of the apocalypse. Guppy gets rescued from being Bound. Guest starring Frogspawn (with mod permission), a song from 2023, and warnings for nudity and sexual references.]

Guppy had been planning to evacuate with either Teja or Enzo, but his luck changed. Anyone concerned for his whereabouts will receive the following note:

'Been rescued by Frogspawn. Couldn't get out of the room to tell you. Get out and stay safe, and see you soon. Guppy.'

[ooc: And this is Guppy's official allpocalypse evacuation, so any threads I do here will be millitimed to before this post. See you on the other side :D]

Cat evacuation post
Picking up white cat
[[After this. And this. And meanwhile, in Gotland in the 560s, this happened.]]

All the signs are truly dire now, and Teja has decided that now is the time to send the cats, and his wealth, to his people in Gotland. He will not step out of the door, in case it would not let him back in, and he would have to fade on Adalgoth the way he once faded on his Charlie. Instead, he will put a message and a few things on Ferdinand's harness, and leave the rest hidden in the snow on his barrow-hill.

So, he brings his three living cats in cat carriers today (the cats are irritated, as they are not used to having their movement restricted), with Ferdinand wearing the harness already, and a large leather bag that is quietly clinking.

With a heavy heart, Teja carries them through the bar-room, puts down the carriers down, clutches the silver snake bracelet that goddess gave him, and opens his door to Gotland for what well may be the last time ever.

[[OOC: Catch Teja at some stage while he is taking the cat carriers through the bar or after he has deposited them -- while the door is open, the linked OOM is in progress. Thanks!]]

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headphones, this is me ignoring you
News guy wept and told us Earth was really dy--
Claudia thought a little music was in order as she worked, today. But given the state of things, she didn't want to wear her headphones, just in case something happened, so she got the MP3 player dock from the garage and brought it up.
But... well, you know how sometimes your MP3 player seems to be reading your mind?
'cause I know that it's starting to get warm in here, and things are starting to get strange--

Yeah. That. So Claudia's not getting work done on the bridge device so much as skipping every apocalyptic song she has. Some of them get turned off in a matter of seconds, but others she doesn't know as well, so they sneak up on her.

the sun and moon collide, isn't gravity a funny thing? the universe explodes a--
Claudia groans. "God dammit, Leeroy!"

(OOC: All links go to Youtube videos. Couldn't resist a little psychic-playlist action! Open until the Allpocalypse comes down.)

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kind of a smile
The family usages, the language, the company, the
furniture—the yearning and swelling heart,
Affection that will not be gainsayed—the sense
of what is real—the thought if, after all, it
should prove unreal

25 — Poem of The Child That Went Forth, and Always Goes Forth, Forever and Forever by Walt Whitman or in which William finds himself in Gotland

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augh whut, helmeted Adrian
That whole apocalypse thing going on outside? Shephard's only peripherally aware of it. When you share your room with nine alien puppies and one very hungry alien puppy mama, a lot of your attention is going to be perpetually elsewhere. That includes today. You see, the pups were born about three weeks ago, and while Shephard's not entirely clear on houndeye developmental timelines, he does know that Earth dogs need to start meeting other people and other dogs at around that age. And that Mrs. Wilson is no longer as grouchy and territorial as she's been the past few weeks.

So, uh. Cracks and crystals and general weirdness aside, there's now an area over near the fire containing one full-sized alien eyeball dog and a good nine little wrigglers all clambering over each other and their mama, emitting tiny metallic-sounding yips and wrestling all over a very tired Marine's feet.


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anxious, dismay
Enzo is staring in consternation at the latest thing he's enclosed in a containment field. It's safely enclosed, it should be fine, and it'd need to be activated to do anything anyway, but the simple fact remains that he knows what this one is and there is no way it should be here.

He shouldn't be surprised at that, he supposes, but this hits closer to home than the other stuff.

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headbutt, thinking of Alyx
Gordon's been stuck at the Bar for days now, ever since chasing that gray-faced son of a whore and losing track of him. He hasn't been sleeping well; the bizarre events of late changed the door to room 287 into a vertical slab of green, growing grass interspersed with blinking eyes of multiple sizes and colors, so he's been camping out in the hallway instead. About his only consolation is that he knows Alyx is alive, thanks to the bond the Vortigaunts established between them. He can't reach her, because the time differential between Milliways and home means that he's moving while she's staying still, so all that happens is a vague feeling of some immensely drawn-out and slow-moving half-syllable. But at least he knows she's alive.

Now if he could just get that damn door to let him go before somebody gets their skull caved in with a crowbar.

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this is the captain speaking
[OOM: Back on Serenity -

"Did you miss me while I was out?"]

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whoah what the fuck!
The girl who steps through the front door barely limps at all any more, and she looks tanned and healthy, and the sky behind her is bright and sunny blue. 

Which makes the inside of the bar kind of a contrast.

A quick sequence of facial expressions:  surprise; delight; eagerness; dawning horror; wide-eyed panic; sudden anger;  determination.

Steph would never stomp but it's entirely possible she looks more than a little disgruntled as she picks her way - very cautiously indeed - over to the noticeboard, jaw set and expression fierce.  This is her Bar, and someone is going to get punched if they don't stop doing ... whatever it is.

So there.

[slowtime tags welcome; please forgive me if the combination of GMT+11 and general brainfutz gets in the way!]

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femme fatale - or not
Juliet is dressed to the nines tonight. She'd been expecting a nice, calm dinner date with her boyfriend, but when she stepped through the door she was confronted with chaos.

An Apocalypse.

She tries to head Shawn off before they enter.

"I think we should go back."

[OOC: Two muns, one post! Feel free to have your pups react to Shawn and Jules' reaction, and if they wish, join their dinner; their solo thread comes last.]

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baby it's cold outside
" - just think we ought to consider the possibility that it was sent to us for a reason, my dear. That's all."

"Yeah, well. That's what he said."

Three figures tromp down the stairs into the bar, one after the other. First Andrew, slightly dusty but no worse for the wear after his morning adventure. Then Aziraphael, clutching a large, dark volume to his chest as though it were the Crown Jewels. And then Crowley, rubbing his head irately, an empty banana skin dangling from his other hand.

They pause at the bottom of the staircase, and take in the scene.

"Wow," Crowley says, finally. "You weren't kidding."

[OOC: Three characters, one post; tag any or all.]

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TARDIS Exterior
The feast of Angels can only hold back the inevitable for so long.

The crack in the wall is wider than before, enough that there is the hint of light showing through from whatever is behind it.

Near the edge, a shaft of light breaks through at the corner and falls upon the man sitting...

Actually, never mind. There's no man there. And there never was. Ever.

[ooc: not referring to any specific character, since they never existed anyway and therefore never came to Milliways.]

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Jack needs a default icon
Out in the woods, the bunnies sniff the air and hop tentatively through the underbrush.  Things are changing here; something is happening.  A lot of things have appeared over the last few sunrises and sunsets, and now there is one more thing.

A Thing has appeared, a Thing about as tall as a bunny can stretch up high and as long as five or six bunnies side-by-side, shaped like a log with closed ends.  One time when the light in the sky went away, it was not there and then when the light came back, it was.  The bunnies have sniffed it, circled it, watched it and it has not moved, has made no noise except a low, waiting hum deep inside it.  

It does nothing, in fact, except for one small part on one side which glows steadily.  A brilliant red glow, one red stick and two red circles, like two demon bunny eyes staring back at them.

The bunnies sniff at it once more, then run into their burrow as darkness gathers in the woods.  As night falls, the only light in that section of the forest is that one red glow.

It's not bright enough to illuminate the small sticker on the side, almost hidden in the underbrush, and of course even if it was, the bunnies wouldn't understand what was written there: a place name, a serial number, a hazard warning about electromagnetic fields, and a materials reference number starting with the letters E, M, P.

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Things look bad.

Like, really bad. Impending end-of-the-End-of-the-Universe bad.

And as all well-trained Sunnydale alumni / Watchers / supernatural troubleshooters know, when signs and portents start showing up ... the thing to do is hit the library.

Andrew doesn't spend as much time as you might think in the Milliways library, partly because he's got a pretty extensive one back home, partly because ... well, this library's always seemed easier than most to get lost in.

[Plotlocked. There will be a taggable EP later!]

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oh hell.
She spoke to Walter not long after returning from Milliways several nights ago. Dr. Bishop didn't sound too happy about her latest findings; in fact -- no longer so enthused about having a multiuniversal space to explore, now that said space was crumbling -- he implored her to find a way to sever her connection to the bar, lest any of the disasters bleed across into their universe.

Olivia tried to explain that she was pretty certain it didn't work that way. Be certain, he thundered, and didn't calm down until Peter, Astrid, and Olivia all threw their efforts into soothing him. (It involved a milkshake and an emergency run to the corner store for Red Vines.)

If nothing else, being preoccupied with the bar seems to make it easier to find: this time, when she opens the door, barely any surprise crosses Olivia's face.

That lasts until she notices how transparent everything has become. Like a building being sucked away; like a glimmer, without the skip-stutter marking it as something specifically from the Other Side.

Olivia goes rigid. Moments later, she's striding through the room -- pausing just long enough to read the (thoroughly inadequate, to her) evacuation notice -- and asking in urgent undertones if anyone could point her toward Mike, Sallie, or a member of security.

What's that? More Observation Window Fun?
There's all sorts of things happening out there, in that vast Big Crunch, huh?

Totally expected by now to have a Blue Unicorn press it's face against the window from the outside and make zerberts at the bar. A Pink Unicorn is swimming upside behind it.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii," Blue coos.

(no subject)
NPCs. Plot.
Outside, in the skies of the lake area, there is a flash of green as a large, dark shape wreathed with lightning looms into existence.

It's a planet - or a warped, twisted planetoid, with a graveyard of broken and mangled husks of starships orbiting it, circling above the lake area all too close for comfort. It hangs there, motionless, as the snow on the tips of the mountaintops start to drift upwards towards it.

It is far away. Too far to really be a problem. At least for the moment.

[OOC: So this is Malachor V! It is, amongst other things, a wound in the Force - which means that there is the potential, for anybody who wants it to do so, for it to have a corrupting effect on pups, essentially driving them insane. Reaction posts can go here, too, if anybody wants to react.]